2012 in Photos

2012 was a nice year for photography... not because I shot a lot, but I definitely learnt a lot. 

The most important lesson - You NEED to shoot to get better. There were a few other lessons along the way, related to the business of photography. And then there was a little bit of soul searching about WHY photography and how to handle the business end without getting frustrated and losing inspiration. I'm still figuring out the last part...


January was all about kids... I did a shoot for a Yearbook for a school, where the oldest kid was 6 years old. It was two days of constant fun, styling them in oversized clothes, allowing them to pick their favorite props and taking tips from them about how to pose. I also learnt about contracts, wording them properly and the importance of the art of negotiation. And I learnt that I sucked at the latter.


This was fun... It has been a while since I was commissioned to do an exclusive portrait shoot. This shoot, done for HT, was for Mr. Madhavan Nair, the ex-chief of ISRO. Quite glad the portrait turned out good, given the lighting... and also a first where I was exclusively the photographer while someone else asked the questions. There is definitely a sense of freedom when you can wander around shooting without having to rush to the interview as well.


March was all about celebrations. This is a particular favorite of mine... 4 years old and one of the few kids who hate the camera. He didn't want to pose. He didn't particularly care about the cakes and the sweets. All he loved was his train.

 It is said that an emotional connect to the subject shows in your photograph. This was when I realised how true that statement was. A close friend got engaged and knowing the person makes a huge difference to the way you shoot them. Or simply see them through the lens.


Have you ever been to a Baptism? I hadn't. Not till I had to shoot two Baptisms in a week. Two Sundays spent in Church, two very different kinds of Churches and ceremonies. One long, one short. The first photo is a particular favorite of mine, and an old client. I was quite flattered when she chose me to shoot her daughter's baptism, out of the many photographers she worked with.

April was also more portrait commissions from newspapers. Mr. Gaurav Jain, of the Mast Kalandar fame. Definitely a story worth reading.


Weddings have a strange way of drawing you in. Of all the weddings I shot, I was just learning to pay attention to the smaller details and yet not get lost in the details. The simplicity and the anonymity of this shot appeals to me... this could be any south Indian bride, waiting, taking her first step into matrimony.


The wedding season begins... and so does travel. This was a month of 4 weddings, which translated to about 15 days of living in the weddings... each wedding had something different... I wouldn't be able to pick one as my best shot... they each had something brilliant. 

Then, of course, there was the trip to Chennai... my first wedding in the city. A month of several first, including this beautiful bridal portfolio shoot. The groom went missing on some work a few minutes before the shoot... the bride decided not to pass on the shoot and said she wanted this to be 'the bridal shoot'. All her best buddies were there, together, perhaps for the only time. So 8 crazy girls on Chennai's most famous beach, jumping, screaming and posing... passers by stopped and stared, fishermen chased us away from their boats... but this is one evening she would never forget.



Ground Breaking Ceremony... I wondered what I could shoot when I was contacted for this assignment. The client was insistent that they wanted me to shoot the event. Definitely different. Definitely fun.

Women's Only Fitness Center rebranding their company all over India. Two days of a marathon shoot... with the members being the models. Styling, make up, posing and photography... one helluva time!


Mrs. Neetu Sarin - an expert in tea :-)




Definitely a good note to end the year on.

Here's looking forward to 2013!

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