The Photograph on The Wall

You wake up one morning and look at that photograph on your wall that you've loved through the years. Loved it so much that you posted it on your wall, so it would be the first thing you see every morning. There is another image as your screen saver, prints around you... so many images and so much vibrance.

But you wake up one morning and hate them all. You look at your work and you wonder why you are shooting. You do not want to touch your camera, yet are strangely drawn to it as if compelled and challenged to produce that image that has been haunting you in your mind.

There is a vast gap between the image in my mind and the ones I often produce. I know that is mostly because I do not take the time, the patience to frame a shot before I click. In a hurry, in a shell. 

Know what you are shooting, they said. These days it seems I often do not. I barely seem to know myself... I pass through days in a haze. 

If your photographs are not good enough, you are not close enough.

Getting close takes time. Research. Patience. Curiosity.

And it seems the last one is the only thing I have left.


Unknown said...

Taking good photographs takes time indeed! I read your post and right after that by chance I read this

It's worth a read and I recommend bookmarking Zack Aria.

And go out and shoot (take photographs).

m said...

OMG this is amazing!