A Photographic Retrospective - Part 1

So Year 1 of a Photography Career... Much of my style and sense of imagery has evolved since January last year. A quick look back at the best images in 2011..

January... My first ever official assignment as a photographer - to cover an arts show. I wandered around, juggling shooting what I liked and what I was supposed to shoot.

 February: The season of fashion shows begin. My first ever Fashion Show - Bangalore Fashion Week. I knew how to shoot... but I wasn't sure what to capture. And fashion shows actually seemed exciting!


MarchThe series of assignments are yet to start. But there are interesting shoots, the most promising - The shoot at Indriya school. 
In the meantime, there was also a few scattered fun shoots of celebrities. I'd my quota of celebs at the fashion show but this seemed fairly easy to shoot. 

April: Summer season and kids. One of my favorite candid moments.


April also meant concerts... Akon and Cradle of Filth. One rocked. The other didn't. You figure it out.

May: The season of travel... hint of rain, winding roads and a bike. And of course, some sparkles for a jewelry shoot. Oh my heart!

June... some food and some travel. A quick trip to Chikmagalur with its mists and valleys, and a gorgeous shoot at V-Desi, where I got to taste everything that I shot. The food is as brilliant as the image.

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