Project Part 2

There were a few people who joined in this week... on Facebook, on G+ and even on blogger. Quite heartening to see all those photos :-) Maybe I'll do a collage of them all when I have some time.

But for now, next week's theme:

A photo of the footwear on the foot riding a bike. 

It is really quite fascinating what kind of shoes people wear while riding. I know this one is a little more challenging, particularly if you do not get out of the house much. So for those people (or if you live in a country with very few bikes), modify that to shoes of someone walking or well, your own shoes.

I did think of adding a time for this, but I guess this is challenging enough for now. Good luck!

Day 7: Tofu Specials

It is really quite fascinating what is in front of you when the alarm goes off... it was lunch time and I was at this Chinese place. Slightly overpriced, especially considering this was just tofu. But they do have an interesting variety on their menu... especially to us Indians whose original idea of Chinese food was gobi manchurian.

So this is the finale of the week. I'll be introducing next week's theme soon. But one person did join us for this week, least for a day. Check out her post here. Hoping more of you will join next's week fun projects soon.

Tofu Specials by amulya
Tofu Specials, a photo by amulya on Flickr.

Day 6: The Bookshelf

The alarm went off... and this was what was in front of me. The book I was reading before I drifted off to sleep. It is quite an interesting book. It was just a lazy afternoon.

The Bookshelf by amulya
The Bookshelf, a photo by amulya on Flickr.

Day 5: Hippiness

Playing with that multi-coloured bangle. I really don't know what I was thinking when I picked it up... but it does make a wonderful accessory for days when I want extreme colours.

Hippiness by amulya
Hippiness, a photo by amulya on Flickr.

Day 3: The Staple of Indian Hair

So this was in front of me at 2.36... I did look around for something more interesting... but then this blue bottle of Coconut oil is just so super interesting too. Every Indian recognizes the blue bottle, if not the brand. The original brand I was familiar with was 'Parachute coconut oil', dutifully massaged into our young scalps by aunts/mothers till we began scorning the process. It perhaps accounts for plenty of the thick, long, black hair in India.

The Staple of Indian Hair by amulya
The Staple of Indian Hair, a photo by amulya on Flickr.