New Projects

Apologies for the long absence. The Project 365 got a little old... and maybe a little routine. I need some diversions and therefore, the new "At That Time" project.

What is it: At a fixed time for the whole week, you take a shot of whatever is in front of you. The time will differ each week and maybe we'll do themes too. But for this week, time is 2.36 PM of whatever time zone you are in.

Yes, this project is open to everyone. I do not have the patience to add a lot of people here, so what you can do is post it on your own blog and post the link here in the comments or on the FB album. (I will definitely check... it'll be an interesting collage of what is happening across the world at that particular moment).

So go for it... and yes, you can write a little note too... Hoping for support here :-)

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Anonymous said...

such a fun project. This is what I was doing at 2:30 PM