March 21 - Cake

Cake, originally uploaded by amulya.

March is the month for cakes... and yet somehow it seems to be the first one I am eating this month

March 20 - Quench your thirst

A drink, originally uploaded by amulya.

The golden flame

March 19 - Mushroom in a Mushroom

Mushroom in a Mushroom, originally uploaded by amulya.

March 18 - Colours

Colours, originally uploaded by amulya.

Holi... the day of colours, water, friendship, foolishness, bhang and something a little more.

Also, the day officially winter ends and summer begins... though with global warming, that remains just a statement.

Happy Holi

March 14 - The Curves of a Woman

The Curves of a Woman, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is one of my favorite photos by far till date. There is something incredibly sensuous about a woman's back, covered or not.

The curves of a woman are so beautifully represented and beautifully framed.

Mar 13 - Masked

Masked, originally uploaded by amulya.

Late at night, you are about to hit the sack and then you see a little string hanging by the table... you wonder what it is and then you realise you have not gotten the shot of the day...

Pull yourself out of bed in desperation and quickly take a random shot of the first thing that catches your eye... in this case, a mask :-)

March 12 - Grapes

Grapes, originally uploaded by amulya.

March 12:
The Bangalore International Wine Festival... some grapes, lots of wine. And some squished.

March 11 - Cue'd

Cue'd, originally uploaded by amulya.

Today is a tough one... because other than this extremely vibrant photo, there are photos of two really hot guys that I shot... and debated which one I need to post.

If you are interested in seeing those, head over to my Facebook page or on Flickr and lemme know what you think.

March 10: Allegro Fudge

Allegra Fudge, originally uploaded by amulya.
Concerts, cute musicians and awesome music :-)

March 9: A Photographer

A Photographer, originally uploaded by amulya.

Admittedly, this isn't one of my best photos... But the photo is not about only wow'n people.

As something I read today said, "the essence of great photography — standing in front of something and appreciating what you see."

This little kid was at the book signing of Jeffrey Archer today. He was seated in front with a couple of his buddies and he was busy shooting everyone and everything on his little cellphone. The intense look of concentration, and the way he positioned himself was simply incredible!

Here's to a budding photographer.

March 8 - Typist

Typist, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is an example of an experiment gone wrong. I figured I would shoot from my camera phone (also in a bit of a desperation mode because I couldn't think much today) and then tried playing around on Photoshop...
Gah! Well...

March 6 - Sliding through life

Sliding through life, originally uploaded by amulya.

Fresh summer, childhood... vacations... parks... speed... laughter... bright sunshine

March 5 - Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, originally uploaded by amulya.

Time to go a little pink, a little red, a little blue... and a lot wild

Project 365 continues on Facebook

March 4 - The Flame

The Flame, originally uploaded by amulya.

The bottle of golden liquid...
The flame engulfs the liquid
The liquid engulfs the flame in me

I guess I'm not following the theme of red this week... candlelight always enslaves me and draws me, well, like a moth to a flame.

Project 365

March 3 - Echoes of Scent

IMG_6543, originally uploaded by amulya.
I had done something similar a while ago, in a lame attempt (it seems now) in product photography. The comments I got on that one mainly said it was too cluttered etc. Perhaps that is true.

The hues of red merge beautifully in this one, though if I had to pick a favorite in this series, it would be this dreamy/lomography look in the previous photograph (click on the image for the Flickr stream or check it out in my Facebook page).

Red seems to be the theme so far for Project 265 - 2011.

Mar 2 - Lomo'd Faces

Lomo'd Faces, originally uploaded by amulya.

So, as a part of the Phase 3 of Project 365, I'm doing a loooot more editing and photoshop. For those who have been following me from day 1 (i <3 u)... you'd seen that growth from "i will not use photoshop" to "maybe you do need to clear up something on photoshop" to full on experiments for this year.

I've discovered how to create the 'lomo' effect/lomography... these are not completely in that style... the blurriness is missing and the colours are not that exaggerated but I still like some of the hazy feeling of the photographs.

Maybe some day I will buy a lomo camera... till then, photoshop :-) and experiments.

For more of my photographs, check out the Facebook page.

March 1 - Toe'd

Toe'd, originally uploaded by amulya.

Annnnd Project 365 is back after a two month break...
March's red, March's happy, March's fun and March also has summer's scorching heat... and well, red shoes...

For the rest of my photographs, check my page on Facebook :-)