Sept 25 - WTF

WTF, originally uploaded by amulya.

really? in today's day and age??????

I know the 'Swastik' is a holy symbol for Hindus. But that one is straight and not in a red and white image like this.
What the hell was that person THINKING?

Sept 24 - the samosa-wala

the samosa-wala, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 19 - The Desi Cycle

IMG_2993, originally uploaded by amulya.

Inspired by a friend's photo. But this is quite desi while his photo is quite phoren.
The desi mode of transport... well, one of them

Sept 18 - Zoozoos n Ganesha

Zoozoos n Ganesha, originally uploaded by amulya.

(Shot while on the move. Pardon the blurriness)

Advertising enters festival land. 3 zoozoos on Ganesha... Actually, I thought they were aliens till my friend figured they were zoozoos. WTF?!

Sept 17 - Playboy in a Stationery store?

Playboy in a Stationery store?, originally uploaded by amulya.

Uh huh, right?

I was sort of stunned when i saw this logo sticker mixed with Mickey Mouse and a bunch of other cutesy school things. This is a stationery store... meant for school kids etc.

If you can see an enlarged image, there are some of the logos that actually SAY 'playboy' on it. I'm not sure how in a porn/sex-starved country, we don't know what Playboy is, or what the logo is... but it is quite hilarious!

(this does seem to be the week for explanations eh?)

Sept 16 - Weirdness

Weirdness, originally uploaded by amulya.

No other word for it. It was a long drive and I suddenly realised my mirror was placed in such a way that I could make weird hand gestures... which is how I entertained myself at even traffic stop.. making funny gestures. and whatever.
Except at one stop, there are a bunch of hijaras who accost you... this one came in full speed and actually paused for a minute to see what the bloody hell I was doing. She was amused enough to leave me alone when I shook my head (or scared off? I wish!)

Sept 15 - Blurry celebrations

Blurry celebrations, originally uploaded by amulya.

So after the Ganesha festival comes the "visarjan" or the sinking of the idol. A huge event... and an excuse for people to beat drums and dance on the street... a lake close to my place is a popular spot for this.
I shudder to think about the environmental impact of it all... but it is quite interesting to watch. And blurry.

Sept 14 - Tea

Tea, originally uploaded by amulya.

This was actually an attempt that take shot of the second when you pull the teabag out of the cup and you see swirls of brown in the clear water. However, the lens was fogged before I even managed to pull the teabag out...

Sept 13 - Finished Product

Finished Product, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is a building I used to pass on my way to work for nearly 3 years. It is supposed to be a hotel but they had stopped work on it for quite some time.
And then suddenly, it is done like almost overnight and done quite bizzare. I actually want to get a shot of the front.... but for now, look at the awesome color.

Sept 12 - Creating Music

Creating Music, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 11 - Happy Ganesh Chaturti

Happy Ganesh Chaturti, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 10 - It is time for Pink

It is time for Pink, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 9 - Smileys

Smileys, originally uploaded by amulya.

After all the bizzare posters i have seen, this seemed sort of cute. Notice the little black smiley as well below it?

Sept 8 - Sprinkles

Sprinkles, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 7 - Street Hawkers

Street Hawkers, originally uploaded by amulya.

The gypsies are everywhere now... selling colorful bracelets and earrings, which unfortunately aren't handmade products. cheap factory stuff instead :-(

Sept 6 - Shadows

Shadows, originally uploaded by amulya.

September 5 - The remanents

The remanents, originally uploaded by amulya.

Look closely... what do you see?