April 28 - Memories - Monkey Business

Memories - Monkey Business, originally uploaded by amulya.
This is a painting actually and I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it at the Brisbane Museum. I forget what it was named or who it was by... but I love the clutter, the slightly unevolved face of the humans and the chaos. It was so true of life.

April 27 - Memories - Enlightened Buddha

Memories - Enlightened Buddha, originally uploaded by amulya.
The restaurant I used to work at... one slow night... when we figured we wanted to use all the candles. My boss would complain that we used those candles. He meant put them on a table. We did it our way.

April 26 - Memories - Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, originally uploaded by amulya.
Yup I made those. And given my culinary skills, or patience in the kitchen rather - quite a feat.

April 25 - Memories- Sculpture

Memories- Sculpture, originally uploaded by amulya.
The week has been horrible with work and other things and I have to sadly say that I did not take a single photo this week.
So I went back a couple of years, (as I'd already missed) and pulled out some of my crazy photos.
This one was at my uni. I never figured the purpose or who made it... but it was there and I found it really funny that the dustbin was positioned right behind the... sculpture. And all metal at that.

April 23 - Pink

Pink, originally uploaded by amulya.
Somone I know carried this bag. A plain bag by any other standards, but that pink ribbon sort of added a cute flair to it. I am not a pink person, particularly a pink person (My reaction when i saw her was "is this like a pink zone") but this was somehow... cute. I do like that scarf. It reminds me of candy.

April 22 - Uh huh

Uh huh, originally uploaded by amulya.
I meant to take something else... the canopy of trees and a ray of sunshine over them. But I was driving, trying not to run over someone and fiddling with my camera fone. So this is what turned up.

April 20 - Rain on the Run

Rain on the Run, originally uploaded by amulya.
Thru the windshield of my car. The rains are finally here and damn the water logged roads and all that shit - I just love it :-)

April 9 - Freshly baked cake

Freshly baked cake, originally uploaded by amulya.

YUMMMMMMMMMMM. Didn't eat. but sure smelled good!

April 8 - Carlton Towers - after the fire

Carlton Towers - after the fire, originally uploaded by amulya.

Almost a month or more after the fire, the building still lies with its broken windows, screened with plastic bags. Bangaloreans miss TGIF the most... and Corner House, Indijoes... but the offices above - what about those?
What is happening to one of Bangalore's favorite spots?

April 7 - Crossed Paws

Crossed Paws, originally uploaded by amulya.

For more photos of the leopards, click on the photo.

April 6 - A Cafe One Night

A Cafe One Night, originally uploaded by amulya.

I just like the way the chairs are crossed... a friday night, just a moment of calmness in a little cafe

April 5 - Temples

Temples, originally uploaded by amulya.

April 4 - Her

Her, originally uploaded by amulya.

She's 6 Months old.
She lives in a room which is smaller than most of our rooms (including the hovels we lived in our student days). The people who take care of her love her but she can't really continue to live there forever!!!
We've the money and all that set, but the government needs to approve for someone to "adopt" her... or find a place for her in a zoo. Most zoos currently are full in India... so I guess going private is the option.
Any help would be greatly appreciated (including pointing me towards someone who could help)

[More photos of her and other leopards if you click on this photo]

April 3 - Chilling the Feet

Chilling the Feet, originally uploaded by amulya.
Yeah... that sure felt good. But there is another pic which was a strong contender... check it out here 

April 2 - The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man, originally uploaded by amulya.
I think I might like shooting animals as well, after all :-)