March 31 - Politeness

Politeness, originally uploaded by amulya.
which stops him from saying "get that camera out of my face!"

March 29 - As the world faded...

As the world faded..., originally uploaded by amulya.
This is sunday's photo too actually but i just LOVE this one! The trees in that area were all burnt but this one stood alone and it just looked... so lonely and beautiful. Like the world was fading away in front of me...

March 5 -A City's SunSet

SunSet, originally uploaded by amulya.

The tweaked work timings also mean that I return home with the sun setting, almost. The auto i was in today was interested in my photography enough to try to slow down or move to a place where i could capture that orange sun. But with the traffic and the people, it can get tough... and when i got home, i realised, this is the favorite photo - the way most people would see the sunset here - through the windshield.

March 4 - The Chai before Work

The Chai before Work, originally uploaded by amulya.

Work timings have been tweaked a little which means I see people having their 'let's start the day' chai instead of 'its done' chai. Is there a difference?

March 3 - The Shades

The Shades, originally uploaded by amulya.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite shots in a long time. I had time to compose the shot and figure it all out. COMMENT. Lemme know what you think :-)

March 2 - Strum along

Strum along, originally uploaded by amulya.

March 1 - Dennis' Thoughts

Dennis' Thoughts, originally uploaded by amulya.

A poster I used to find cute a long time ago. I never cared for the message but I loved looking at Dennis being thoughtful everyday. Wud crack me up :-)