Sept 17 - paintings

paintings, originally uploaded by amulya.

No, not mine. I'd originally meant for a friend's painting to be the picture of the day... I fell in love with his version of the queen. An oil and it looked so real like almost a photograph. He had cut off half their heads and though it was in oils, it looked like it was in pastels.... and the chain of pearls one of them had was fab... but then I saw this, painted by another artist at the same exhibition and it.... appealed to me for some reason... maybe if it were a photograph, i'd duplicate one image and then have the image of the sheep and the tiger... but i like the little differences in the two people... they look extremely similar but there are slight differences... the feet, the cheeks... little things. I like it.
PS: the other photo is on flickr. so you gotta click on this one and it'll take you to it.

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