Sept 30 - Good Morning

Good Morning, originally uploaded by amulya.

The newspaper and the coffee mug... i never read the newspaper mostly... most of what is on the headlines is old news... the inner pages is filled with murders and controversies, the bare bones of which I again have read the previous night. The sunday papers with their features are good fun though. And then there is my dose of gossip - BT

Sept 29 - Lost and Not Found

Lost and Not Found, originally uploaded by amulya.

The ear rings that lose are my favorite ones. And this one I lost it in MY office. I didn't realise how much of space there was in that tiny space to get lost nor how much of the floor was actually covered with black carpet. And nope I haven't found it yet :-(

Sept 28 - New Age Coinage

New Age Coinage, originally uploaded by amulya.

Apparently the new coins the indian govt is comin up with. Yup looks like euros. i only wish they were as strong as euro.

Sept 25 - Fountain of chocolate

Fountain of chocolate, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yummmmmmmmmm is all I can say...

Sept 24 - Foggy windows

Foggy windows, originally uploaded by amulya.

Bangalore is turning into Venice. Roads are flooded and there is constant rain like in... no other city in the world. And I love it, despite the traffic packed bumper to bumper and the mess...

Sept 22 - more jewelry

more jewelry, originally uploaded by amulya.

Have i posted this before? Maybe... I usually wear this beautiful piece of work to work and then have to take it off midway because it gets heavy and annoying. I don't see the point of dressing up at work at all because all my jewelry feels annoying in about ten mins.

sept 21- fleece

fleece , originally uploaded by amulya.

a jacket that probably wud be unnecessary in this city. unless the owner is prepping for global warming and horrible winter already

Sept 20 - The ipod that lived

The ipod that lived, originally uploaded by amulya.

For all of you who do not know the story...
so after my horribly incomplete trip, and thinking that I even lost my ipod on the trip, I finally found it. Unfortunately it was in the sweatshirt which had gone through two heavy cycles in the washing machine.
And with much trepidation I switched it on... it didn't work. well, naturally.... as a friend mentioned, the last gadget that worked in water was the nokia 3310. big fat phone. take it out, blow dry it and voila!
But then i decided to risk an exploding ipod and plugged it in to charge. and guess what? it works :-D :-D :-D
So here's one for Apple and Steve Jobs. Great job guys!

sept 19 - quite obvious

, originally uploaded by amulya.

sept 18 - goodnight

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 17 - paintings

paintings, originally uploaded by amulya.

No, not mine. I'd originally meant for a friend's painting to be the picture of the day... I fell in love with his version of the queen. An oil and it looked so real like almost a photograph. He had cut off half their heads and though it was in oils, it looked like it was in pastels.... and the chain of pearls one of them had was fab... but then I saw this, painted by another artist at the same exhibition and it.... appealed to me for some reason... maybe if it were a photograph, i'd duplicate one image and then have the image of the sheep and the tiger... but i like the little differences in the two people... they look extremely similar but there are slight differences... the feet, the cheeks... little things. I like it.
PS: the other photo is on flickr. so you gotta click on this one and it'll take you to it.

Sept 16 - light bulb

light bulb, originally uploaded by amulya.

Okay a little blurry but I saw that little bulb hanging at the end of the bus... damn weird. Talk about a new version of parking lights...

Sept 15 - busted

busted, originally uploaded by amulya.

and it is going to remain decked up till it all naturally just goes pfft

Sept 14 - decorated

decorated, originally uploaded by amulya.

For some reason.. the office is all decked up

Sept 13 - More coconuts

More nuts, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 12 - Nutty Time

Nutty Time, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sept 10 - Book Covers

Book Covers, originally uploaded by amulya.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but the sole reason i picked this was the book cover.
And I think now that I might've read this book after all

sept 9 - Stone Chariot

Stone Chariot, originally uploaded by amulya.

stone chariot at hampi.
still sick

Sept 8 - Tin Art

Tin Art, originally uploaded by amulya.

And as I fell miserably sick after this, I've not been able to even get out of bed, let alone take pix... so posting more pix from the trip. cheating i know bt right now, i dont care

Sept 7 - Waiting

Waiting, originally uploaded by amulya.

Do not swear because i'm not putting up traditional pictures of Hampi... go to flickr or facebook account for that. This though was at the train station.. the train was four hours late... which was fun in a manner of speaking...

sept 6 - The Bride-to-be

The Bride-to-be, originally uploaded by amulya.

plenty of pictures i took in hampi but this little girl climbing to the centre of what used to be the wedding area in the old days just caught me. plus she is in red... and so happily climbing away.

sept 5 - guardians of the stations

guardians of the stations, originally uploaded by amulya.

i agree there gotta be guards at the train station in these days of terror but no where else did i see these.. what are they called... barracks? shelters? for the guards. welcome to city life.

Sept 4 - Hanged

Hanged, originally uploaded by amulya.

Just something that caught my eye.

Sept 3 - Reflection?

Reflection?, originally uploaded by amulya.

That lil glass pane in the auto had my reflection. Which didn't turn up here. hmmm... :(

Sept 2 - college fashion

college fashion, originally uploaded by amulya.

Salwars are a must. Backpacks are a necessity. Scoots are cheap, small and so college sorts. Minus the salwar, good old days.

Sept 1 - Snap :p

Snap :p, originally uploaded by amulya.

I bought these new hair clips and in pink. Now, it doesnt really fit my hair and looking at it reminds me of an alligator...