Aug 27 - Collage of Nostalgia

Collage of Nostalgia, originally uploaded by amulya.

Today seems to be a day for weirdness. I found this really really really old envelope today. It contained images I had cut out of various magazines and newspapers when I was a kid. I have no clue why I did this but it was nearly 10 years ago I figure and my excuse is - kiddo.
It was so absolutely delightful to find it though. I had completely forgotten about its existence!!
And man how much the people have changed!!! There is Sachin with Donald Bradman who died quite some time ago. There is a scorecard of a India vs. SriLanka match which I thought ws important bcuz there were some milestones there. Lara Dutta winning Ms.Universe (wow... compare her to the current trash)... the cute singer bros Amaan n Ayaan... Sushmitha Sen with her daughter - one of the first public images i think. And Madhuri Dixit looking stunning, like always... and Kajol... and Keanu Reeves... and MacCaulay Culkin.... and a solar eclipse... Urmila and even an interview of Orlando Bloom. Hilarious!!!


Pavitra said...

It was the fad of the moment when I was 12 years old to cut out these cool pictures from magazines and newspapers and create collages to put up on your bedroom walls...for mom to get frustrated about and friends to ohhh aaaah about :-)

Amulya Nagaraj said...

Lol. My mom forbade me from stickin anything on the walls. Plus that seemed a lil too lame... i just cut these out and put them in an envelope :)
the only thing on my wall was a hrithik roshan picture. had a huge crush on him when his first movie came out :)