Aug 27 - Collage of Nostalgia

Collage of Nostalgia, originally uploaded by amulya.

Today seems to be a day for weirdness. I found this really really really old envelope today. It contained images I had cut out of various magazines and newspapers when I was a kid. I have no clue why I did this but it was nearly 10 years ago I figure and my excuse is - kiddo.
It was so absolutely delightful to find it though. I had completely forgotten about its existence!!
And man how much the people have changed!!! There is Sachin with Donald Bradman who died quite some time ago. There is a scorecard of a India vs. SriLanka match which I thought ws important bcuz there were some milestones there. Lara Dutta winning Ms.Universe (wow... compare her to the current trash)... the cute singer bros Amaan n Ayaan... Sushmitha Sen with her daughter - one of the first public images i think. And Madhuri Dixit looking stunning, like always... and Kajol... and Keanu Reeves... and MacCaulay Culkin.... and a solar eclipse... Urmila and even an interview of Orlando Bloom. Hilarious!!!

Aug 26 - Pizza

Pizza, originally uploaded by amulya.

Horribly boring day and the breakdown of the resolution of my diet... resolution.
The new pizzas from pizza hut.

Aug 25 - Shining White Light

Shining White Light, originally uploaded by amulya.

So late last night I realised that I hadn't taken a photo. It had been a day of... whatever. So I stretched and looked up and I see this lil halo and my hand like it was reaching up.....

Aug 24 - Bling

bling, originally uploaded by amulya.

I bought these earrings in a mad shopping spree. I have worn them several times and taken them off in 5 minutes before it is just way to fricking bling. I cannot get myself to give them away to someone because I persist in the belief that someday, i will wear them with a dress that will make me look killer.

Aug 21 - The Special Salad

The Special Salad, originally uploaded by amulya.

The Caesar's Salad at Barista... usually it doesn't look so... decorated and it tastes a lot better. But this tasted like... well lettuce, mayo and thin strips of chicken or whatever. ugh. Now, come to think of it, I don't think this was even caesar's. ugh.

Aug 20 - bahut hai yaari

bahut hai yaari, originally uploaded by amulya.

As homophobic as Indian men are, they wouldn't think twice to ride like this with another guy. That is perhaps the best and the worst thing about them. They walk around holding hands and arms on each others shoulders, or sit in close quarters like this and nobody blinks. But a guy and a girl even walks close together... how have we survived with all these contradictions.

Aug 19 - doors

doors, originally uploaded by amulya.

Been passing this place for several years now. The door has beautiful work and the house is like a fortress but it is smack in the middle of this really busy area, on the main road. The best attraction - they have a garden in there, enclosed. I always wanted to catch a glimpse of that. And nope, i've never seen that door open.

Aug 16 - old gifts

old gifts, originally uploaded by amulya.

Aug 15 - The Bride

The Bride, originally uploaded by amulya.
My friend... the to-be-bride on the eve of her engagement. As much as I've an intolerance for long-winded ceremonies, i love seeing them all dressed up and excited. God Bless.
And oh yeah... happy independence day.

Aug 9 - rains

rains, originally uploaded by amulya.
I deleted the photo I'd taken for the day. Blah. So there you go... putting yet another one taken previous day.

Aug 8 - bottles after a night's drinking

bottles after a night's drinking, originally uploaded by amulya.
And it had to be blurry!!! :)

Aug 7 - abstract

abstract, originally uploaded by amulya.

Meant to take something else and the camera shutter speed and everything else went haywire. Interesting effect though... fogged glass, the hand, the lights...

Aug 6 - Bangalore Rains

Bangalore Rains, originally uploaded by amulya.

Aug 5 - Moon

Moon, originally uploaded by amulya.

Of whatever I saw

Aug 2 - moving

moving, originally uploaded by amulya.

Overcrowded. that has to be the name of this place and this city. the term 'swapla adjust maadi' is fast getting to me the state where i'll bite someone's head off if i hear that. Anyway... someone goin on a trip... in an overloaded car.

Aug 1 - get ur lights ready

get ur lights ready, originally uploaded by amulya.

And because monsoons aren't here and the government messed up with the power situation - again - get your candles ready. though this was more my... man i can't sleep maybe those candles i bought will help but no they dont but they sure look pretty candle.