July 31 - Indian Gods

Indian Gods, originally uploaded by amulya.

Replaced the photo. had forgotten I had intended to make this the photo of the day. Varamahalakshmi Puja.

July 27 - baggies

baggies, originally uploaded by amulya.

Fashion obsession. After that blog I found... which just instead my craving for bright and stark images...
i've been eyeing this bag for a while. My friends... she has a huge collection. she wudn't miss this one. right tsu? :P

July 30 - Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?, originally uploaded by amulya.

First off - the idea is absolutely copyrighted.
This was on an invite for a friend's engagement. Very original. Very cute. And very her. And maybe him too...
He is a CA and she is a doctor. They met, fell in love and the stars just aligned so that the families were a perfect match too. Touch Wood. Now they are getting engaged and I still can't believe it because - 1. she is a really good friend and it seems a little surreal. 2. Him. I've known him almost as long as i've known her and all the history. 3. Her. My best friend from school. getting married. doing the whole adult thing. this is really the advent of adulthood.
But then I stop over reacting and there is this big goofy smile still on my face and I realise i actually am really excited and happy for her. She makes me believe again. Almost.

July 29 - Slumped

Slumped, originally uploaded by amulya.

I like the composition of this shot. Slumped. Late at night. The colors. Kinda cool.

July 26 - caged?

caged?, originally uploaded by amulya.

So today I come out thinking I'll convince some of the kids near my place to pose for me and blah none of them are around. so this is what I got.

July 25 - more light n shadows

more light n shadows, originally uploaded by amulya.

July 22 - cutlery

cutlery, originally uploaded by amulya.

Hehe loved the shape of those forks :)

July 21 - Bangalore's finest

Bangalore's finest, originally uploaded by amulya.

Bangalore = IT City = back office of the world = outsourced centre = city that's awake 24 hours = white cabs at all hours = cab drivers.
These aren't like the cabbies of NY or anywhere in the world. I can't give you an exact figure but I'm sure there are over 5000 cab drivers in the city, ferrying people to work and back at all odd hours of the day and night.
Here is one, immortalizing the crowd. And a salut.

July 20 - stack of books

stack of books, originally uploaded by amulya.

One among the pile on my bed. I finished it a long time ago. But i'm rereading it. What is the point of owning a book if you do not read it again? There are very few books that i've not opened again.
Recently, I did something extremely shocking - I went back to the store and sold some of the books I had. They were horrible. And I wouldn't ever reread them... But Shantaram... I love that book!! And I can't wait for the movie. Yes I know Johny Depp doesn't quite suit the image of Lin but hey it is depp :)
The other books I read often: To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Watership Down... and I suddenly am wondering where my Diary of Anne Frank went?

July 19 - pastry season - painted platters

pastry season - painted platters, originally uploaded by amulya.

The size of the pastries has sunk and the taste isn't quite the same anymore. I ordered a tiramisu for heaven's sake!!! What is all the raspberry sauce doing on it?! But it is still one of my fav places

July 18 - dessert

dessert, originally uploaded by amulya.

Desserts. Do I need to say anything more? weekend special

July 17 - pirates' treasure

pirates' treasure, originally uploaded by amulya.

Last ditch effort... this is what happens with a full, busy, uninteresting day. you start digging in your closet wondering what could be put on display for the world out there.

July 16 - ganesha

ganesha, originally uploaded by amulya.

Ganesh chaturthi is a long way off yet. But one never needs an excuse to organize a little event for any god, let alone Ganesha. The God of Opening Ceremonies, I'd call it.
The intelligent one, the wise one, the cunning one too I'm told according to some stories... he loves his food - particularly one sweet.
A story goes that one day he ate so much of that particular sweet - kadubu - that he found it really hard to walk home. So he grabbed a little mouse going by and used that as his chariot. Mid way, the mouse got spooked by a snake and jolted Ganesha off him. His stomach burst and all the sweets fell out. A furious Ganesha fixed himself up and then grabbed the snake to secure his stomach and the food inside.
The moon, who was looking at all this, found it hilarious and started to laugh. As Gods do, Ganesha got mad at this and cursed the moon. So on that festival where we celebrate Ganesha... if you look at the moon, apparently you too will be cursed. I love Indian Mythology. So many stories... even about how Ganesha got his elephant head. I've heard various versions of it but the one I grew up with was the one where Parvati created a little son off the dirt from her body to act as her bodyguard when she was off to take a bath.
The little boy stood at the door, guarding her, when her husband came home and tried to enter. They fought cuz well... the boy didn't know who the guy was right... and the husband, who was a God as well - Shiva, the destroyer - promptly cut the boy's head off. And then Parvati came out, clean and fresh and sees the boy without his head and promptly got mad.
Shiva then had to order his disciples to go find a head for the boy, which had rolled off or whatever and the head had to to be facing east. And the only head they found was an elephant's. And they got it back. A head's a head... and so Ganesh, Vakratunda, Vigneshwara... was born.
If you've a different version of the story, plz plz do tell :-)

July 15 - more shoes

more shoes, originally uploaded by amulya.

So here I was all set to go off to sleep and I see my shoes as I'd left them... I could imagine a pair of legs above them... a sleek woman crossing her feet. The position of the shoes - though not what exactly I wanted to capture - is so feminine...

July 14 - end of the tunnel

end of the tunnel, originally uploaded by amulya.

Finally the shot I wanted!!! Though I wanted to get out of the car and stand in the middle of the road and take this shot. These are some of the trees that are proposed to be cut down. Morons. Of course that little car coming in slightly ruined the idea of my photo but it still looks rather cool... I love this road late at night, with these really old trees forming a canopy. they are so huge that it would take about 3 of me to hug it.
this, my darlings, is old bangalore.

July 13 - angles

angles, originally uploaded by amulya.

I've a feeling i'll end up replacing this photo. I'm so used to the high quality of my slr that I rarely have the patience to focus on my lil phone. Bad girl. I should not let my first friend go.

July 12 - jewelry

jewelry, originally uploaded by amulya.

Late night. Random shot. The junk which I love

July 11 - leftovers

leftovers, originally uploaded by amulya.

a quick stop at cafe for a bite before heading home after a night of clubbing. of course, this is the cindrella city which means our stops are around midnight... and this quick stop involved valet parking cuz hey the only places open beyond 11.30 here are the really classy, expensive ones who can afford the fees...
I would've taken a pic of the crowd but... i don't remember why i didn't. crowded than i've ever seen it... couples, groups, duos, trios, meetings and more... it doesn't matter how many stars the hotel has got... this place always holds charm.

July 10 - Beer, Kingfisher and De Pepsi

Beer, Kingfisher and De Pepsi, originally uploaded by amulya.

Someone pissed me off enough today to deliberately put up a picture of alcohol. Why is there all this perception about women and how they should be? Blah.
Anyway, pepsi in kingfisher and the kingfisher in... well, a beer mug :-) Peaceful weekend, if not happy.

July 9 - after the rains

after the rains, originally uploaded by amulya.

Pretty green and pink and water...

July 6 - wires n doors

wires n doors, originally uploaded by amulya.

I feel a little lost these days without my slr. I love my lil phone. brilliant quality. But i miss the bringing the camera upto your eye and getting the bird's eye view of what you want to capture. The door, the pole and the meter was what caught my attention. Hell... I probably wouldn't have had time to experiment there in the traffic either... which is why most photos are still on my trusty N79.

July 5 - stamped

stamped, originally uploaded by amulya.

July 2 - the glowing fairy

the glowing fairy, originally uploaded by amulya.

More specials from the candle week. i'm finally getting a hang of this shoot in the dark thing :-)

July 1 - candles

candles, originally uploaded by amulya.

Apt photo... I still can't take decent photos in low lights. And we are facing about 6 hours of power cuts every day. Hence the candle and the little matchbox. Welcome to city life.