May 5 - Shades of Orange

Shades of Orange, originally uploaded by amulya.

The first thing I saw when I woke up today. Oh such glory weather!!! Wish I didn't have to work today :-(
Reminds me of days in Oz when i'd be walking to work in brilliant weather, when the moon was full and low and orange, looking like I could just reach up and take it off the skies... when the breeze was pleasant and cool, and there was a hint of summer in the air, when the days were carefree and the thoughts weren't always painful... when it was fun to sit by the water, listening to the waves and smelling the salty breeze carrying barbeques held far away... and I knew it would be there when I returned home 5 hours later, not 8 like now... that there was still time to enjoy the night, unlike now when all I can think of is to sleep before the sun hits my window.

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