May 3 - BookMania

BookMania, originally uploaded by amulya.

I went to cast off books today. To make some space, make some money and sell those horrible books i bought. All my life, I've believed in keeping the book, no matter how bad it was. But some of the books i recently bought were just not the sort I'd ever pick up to reread. Never. So I went and sold it off... and then they gave me a voucher for half the price... which I didn't think I'd redeem today. but you know, you never realise how many books you are buying.

A friend made an interesting comment to - "I buy books because they are the easiest things to find that fit"

Hmm... Weekend's over. Fuck.

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Nishad said...

Well I have never sold a book in my life, I pretty much live my life out of a suitcase except for my books. When I relocated to Pune I had to leave a cartoon full of books at Tejasbhai's Place. Then on I have started downloading ebooks to resolve my mobility, storage, ease of disposal issue. But guess what, these days I am ending up downloading so many books that I hardly read ten percent of all the books i download.