May 31 - De Merc

De Merc, originally uploaded by amulya.

Woke up quite early today to go to a workshop at the British Library. However, when I got there they tell me that my confirmation email isn't worth much so I'd to just return cuz the seats were full. I reached there on the dot, which was brilliant for me - who is eternally late.
So i was walking out and I see this merc there... haven't seen this model around for a while. Wish it were red though.

May 30 - Belly Dancin

Belly Dancin, originally uploaded by amulya.

Fun saturday.... went to a belly dancing show. Quite the coincidence that I wanted to see belly dancing over the past two weeks. It was fun... performed by the students of the dancing school i used to go. there were a few good ones... oh but i'm still waiting to see a solo performance... like those ones in australia...

May 29 - the unfilled pool

the unfilled pool, originally uploaded by amulya.

A year or more. And that's been the case. Quite a cute shape it is though eh? man i want a better camera :-(

May 28 - Unexpected shots

Abstract, originally uploaded by amulya.

So I got a new haircut. and I was so jazzed about it that i took a million photos, thinking one them would be the photo of the day. and then this happened, when i ws tryin out some weird angle. Marvelous huh?

May 27 - groping nails

groping nails, originally uploaded by amulya.

Got my nails done today. I'd a coupla horrible pix that I figured would horrify my viewers, demotivate me and just would be the end of it all. so... this is it. go sleep.

May 26 - Harry Potter

Harry Potter, originally uploaded by amulya.

I'd taken a beautiful shot kids enjoyin their last day of holiday and i DELETED BY MISTAKE!! @)*)(*#$%*)#$%()$*%($
so this... today. Blah.

May 25 - to buy or not to buy?

to buy or not to buy?, originally uploaded by amulya.

I need to revamp my room. saw this cot/bed today which I really liked. It is a lil higher than what I wanted but it has shelves under the bed and 'm always up for more storage space. But this one costs a fortune... so to buy or put some beds on the floor and call it a day?

May 24 - kiwi wi wi

kiwi wi wi , originally uploaded by amulya.

I absolutely am loving this food theme. of course it means that i'm eating out a lot more (than the more usually)...
I loooove kiwis... the fruit. the people aint so bad either but as i consider Oz my second home, I probably shouldn't be praising them too much eh? Lolz.

May 23 - food for rain

food for rain, originally uploaded by amulya.

I did not intend to post the whole week's batch at one go. But that is how it happened. Along with the fact that most of the pictures I took were of food, some consciously.
This is the perfect food for the rain. Chutney and Bhajis... how i used to crave them when I was in Oz and it would rain. Even if we had the ingredients and the patience to make some, there were no strong pans to fry the oil in. We made some of these with thin-bottomed vessels... they were quite charred by the end of it and it was no where similar to how it should taste... and now we are back in the land where you get a plateful of assortments, with a lil cup of chutney.

May 21 - sinful...

sinful..., originally uploaded by amulya.

Starting yesterday, I'm gonna make a collection of food stuff for the next few days...
This one is in Little Italy, one of my favorite Italian places in the city (alas they are vegetarian). Recently, they opened a new branch in Koramangla, much much much to my delight. I've never really tasted this one... though it is my friend's favorite. I've been trying out something new everytime i go there and i'm yet to be disappointed.

May 20 - the summer drink

the summer drink, originally uploaded by amulya.

And it is summer too... the days are hot and the evenings are cold. And the perfect iced tea to beat the heat.

Edit: And background credits to Vineeth.

May 19 - and then it poured...

and then it poured..., originally uploaded by amulya.

Rain rain rain. thunder. lightening. puddles. floods. fallen trees. wet leaves. the smell of earth. and no space to hang wet laundry. Yup. Old Bangalore's weather is back with a little more infrastructure crumbling.

May 18 - The writing behind the cap

, originally uploaded by amulya.

If you can recognize the significance of the word, it is all self explanatory. And funny. Good luck. Btw, it is the cap of a Pepsi bottle.

May 17 - Clouds

Clouds, originally uploaded by amulya.

Rained out day. been cooped up for two days now and going a little stir crazy.
But it did give a chance to snap some real cool stuff. Absolutely not edited :-)

May 16 - jungle mein mangal

jungle mein mangal, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is neither a jungle... and I've no clue what a mangal is but i'm pretty sure that aint there either. What it is, is a temple. Yup. And a park sort of thing. Took a walk today.

May 15 - chicklets

chicklets, originally uploaded by amulya.

Wish I could wear that shade of red. And yes please see the little pigeon feather the finger points to - just because i tell you to.

May 14 - refuse of civilization

refuse of civilization, originally uploaded by amulya.

the pic says it all

May 13 - yet another of mine

yet another of mine, originally uploaded by amulya.

Been sick and sick and sick. For all those who liked what I paint, see how bad i can get.

May 11 - the last of those soft ones

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Considering i spent the whole day in bed, down with fever, my commitment to this blog is something i'm proud of. My one and only soft toy... the only thing remaining. And i'm not looking to restock, if the meagre other one could even be called stock.

May 10 - googlys

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Ah i meant to take that little piece of paper, which reallly "maxium 3 garments per TRAIL". But hidden camera work isn't too good with me....
Good news though, I found my jeans. At Lee, not Pepe, stranglee

May 9 - fantasy mode

fantasy mode, originally uploaded by amulya.

I'm in a fantasy mode. I love books and movies with Dragons in them... there is something about dragons which is... nice. this one is mine :-)

May 8 - gates of hell?

gates of hell?, originally uploaded by amulya.

This sorta represents my mood for the week. It better be different next.

May 7 - work debris

work debris, originally uploaded by amulya.

yup. m definitely in a funk.

May 6 - night light

night light, originally uploaded by amulya.

better camera... that is what i need. But no camera really works unless I manage to stop and take a picture, which so isn't possible in this traffic.

May 5 - Shades of Orange

Shades of Orange, originally uploaded by amulya.

The first thing I saw when I woke up today. Oh such glory weather!!! Wish I didn't have to work today :-(
Reminds me of days in Oz when i'd be walking to work in brilliant weather, when the moon was full and low and orange, looking like I could just reach up and take it off the skies... when the breeze was pleasant and cool, and there was a hint of summer in the air, when the days were carefree and the thoughts weren't always painful... when it was fun to sit by the water, listening to the waves and smelling the salty breeze carrying barbeques held far away... and I knew it would be there when I returned home 5 hours later, not 8 like now... that there was still time to enjoy the night, unlike now when all I can think of is to sleep before the sun hits my window.

May 4 - Necessites of Life

necessites of Life, originally uploaded by amulya.

A bluesy day. A bluesy picture.

May 3 - BookMania

BookMania, originally uploaded by amulya.

I went to cast off books today. To make some space, make some money and sell those horrible books i bought. All my life, I've believed in keeping the book, no matter how bad it was. But some of the books i recently bought were just not the sort I'd ever pick up to reread. Never. So I went and sold it off... and then they gave me a voucher for half the price... which I didn't think I'd redeem today. but you know, you never realise how many books you are buying.

A friend made an interesting comment to - "I buy books because they are the easiest things to find that fit"

Hmm... Weekend's over. Fuck.

May 2 - More Cakes

More Cakes, originally uploaded by amulya.

More Birthday Cakes... Midnight cakes are a traditional now, aren't they? No matter where you are, what country, what boat or work or home.

May 1 - Bluesy Booze

Bluesy Booze, originally uploaded by amulya.

Woo Hoo 4 months down. This is getting surreal.
Lounge Bar somewhere in the city... blueeesssyy and booozey