April 7 - Toys

Toys, originally uploaded by amulya.

My 3 year old nephew. We also got a new washing machine, so there was this big box with all the packing still with it and my nephew promptly turned it into a toy. As photo shy he was initially, also without the patience to pose, like my niece and other nephew, he had brilliant ideas of what photos he wanted to take.
The kids these days are incredibly photo savvy, if you've noticed. They not only know what makes a good photo, but even at the age of 3-4 they know about lighting, angles and shit like that. Plus, they know they can see if the photo is good or not, living in this digital age. Have any of these kids seen those old cameras with film rolls? Where you get 24/36/52 chances ONLY to get the photo right? And you couldn't even see if you've chopped someone's head off or someone has their mouth open? Wonder what I could do with a camera like that

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