April 4 - Dinner Table Conversation

Dinner Table Conversation, originally uploaded by amulya.

Okay the quality of the photo is bad, i agree. But the composition is just so perfect. This is a rare natural composition. The girl asleep at the table, the guy looking curiously (though he was looking at me) and the bustle of the restaurant around them. Her mother was next to her but i cropped her out.
This was a quick hidden shot but damn wish i'd a better camera with me right then.

(Sorry Rahul, the other shot got voted out when I realised I'd captured the girl. I'll mail u the snap though)

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Nishad said...

Dudette agreed with you, composition is exceptional. On top of that, this snap has characters, which we don’t get to see often. So stop criticizing yourself about bad quality. Just chillaxe and pride yerself for doing something awesome.

I guess it was the time around first week of April when you changed your blog inf from "What did "I" Caught today" to "One photo for every day". I guess former was better than later, but its just my opinion.