April 26 - the Chocolat effect

the Chocolat effect, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken at one of my favorite dessert joints - Painted Platters. who unfortunately are instigating cost cutting actions and have completely changed their menus. it is seriously tragic because the new stuff they have is not half as good, not to mention it all tastes the same (almost) - I ordered a strawberry cheesecake and a alarahama or something like that which is basically chocolate and something. What I got was two cheesecake, both with strawberry sauce, one with strawberries stuck on it and the other with biscotti kind of thing.
Terrible. really. They still do have their fabled tiramisu though... but no walnut brownie and cream... and half the other things.
Recession claims yet another victim.


Pavitra said...

Oh thats terrible! :-( Is this the one in Blore? How is corner house doing?

Amulya Nagaraj said...

It is in Bangalore... and Corner House, last I checked, still had their same menus. So i guess people still like icecream