April 11 - Concert @ Bangalore

Concert @ Bangalore, originally uploaded by amulya.

Mark down this day. Live concert, a new concept of performance with dining. Kyra, the new restaurant/theatre in Bangalore came up with a new concept where they've a little stage for band and such stuff and tables all around. Yeah the seating arrangement could be a little better, for i'm not complaining.
It was the opening night, with Allegra Fudge (not sure if I got the name right. If it isn't, please do let me know and I'll fix it) and Bamboo Shoots, a band from the U.S. Wish we could stand and sway, but apparently that is against the law in this city too... and you see the Deputy Commissioner of Police sitting right up there.
Anyway this is a huge step for this city, which used to be swinging less than two years ago... here is to more concerts and hopefully, dancing too.

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Anu said...

I realllllllyyyy hope a lot more dancing!!!