April 30 - bling

bling, originally uploaded by amulya.

What can i say... pix taken when it is time to hit the sack are always bling... that is what catches the eye. All the way from Hyderabad...

Picks of the month:

Distances traveled


Apple of the nose


Kids & toys

Sands of Time

April 29 - Gifts from the Souk

Gifts from the Souk, originally uploaded by amulya.

The best jewelry I have seem to be all gifted.

April 28 - Garfield

Garfield, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sometimes I think Garfield, Calvin and such had the best policy on life

April 27 - A touch of green

A touch of green, originally uploaded by amulya.

You'd never guess where this lil patch is. On MG Road. At Barista... right at the edge... making you feel like you are near a jungle.......... and this was once the 'Garden City'

April 26 - the Chocolat effect

the Chocolat effect, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken at one of my favorite dessert joints - Painted Platters. who unfortunately are instigating cost cutting actions and have completely changed their menus. it is seriously tragic because the new stuff they have is not half as good, not to mention it all tastes the same (almost) - I ordered a strawberry cheesecake and a alarahama or something like that which is basically chocolate and something. What I got was two cheesecake, both with strawberry sauce, one with strawberries stuck on it and the other with biscotti kind of thing.
Terrible. really. They still do have their fabled tiramisu though... but no walnut brownie and cream... and half the other things.
Recession claims yet another victim.

April 25 - Aries

aries, originally uploaded by amulya.

a lil vase/mug by bro gave me eons ago for my birthday.

April 24 - distances traveled

distances traveled, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is a very special photo. Because I took it, sitting in the driver's seat. drove my car to work today, making it the very first time I drove the car alone to anywhere. Cheers to me.

April 23 - Elections

Elections, originally uploaded by amulya.

The D-Day... that will decide the next 4 years of this country, thereby the next few decades. And yes I voted. See the picture below? I made a special allowance to put up two pix today to show that - Yes I voted.
The queue of people lining up to vote... unbelievable that there were so many people at 7.15 AM. Almost gives me hope for my country.

And I voted by you.

April 22 - Rain Rain Rain

Rain Rain Rain, originally uploaded by amulya.

It almost feels like old Bangalore... with hot days and rainy evenings and cool nights.

April 21 - Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, originally uploaded by amulya.

Okay it is a few days late. My company completed a year since the merger. Some team at my workplace did a pretty decoration today. The thing that struck me first was the smell of fresh jasmine... how long has it been since i smelled fresh jasmine? It always reminds me of a fresh and cool dawn...

April 20 - Swalpa Adjust Maadi

Auto Rickshaw, originally uploaded by amulya.

Classic mode of transportation. Wish I'd thought of changing the shutter speed before I caught this!!! Lol

April 17 - Indian travel

Indian travel, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is when I wish I'd a better camera... there were a bunch of people in that van... probably on their way to their village or whatever. Everyone except for that boy was sleeping, and he stared out at... wherever he wanted to be perhaps. And not in the hot sun.

April 16 - bed bed bed

bed bed bed, originally uploaded by amulya.

Blue is cool. I like the neatness of it all... though it is too hot for a quilt, and I'll never manage all those pillows... though i do like having a lot of pillows of my bed.

April 14 - On the road...

On the road..., originally uploaded by amulya.

I pass this everyday. A little shed with a tree over it... the roof is covered with pollen and looks beautiful. It is the army land, so i'm not sure if anyone is even living there. But i've long wanted to capture it... maybe some day, I'll get a better, closer picture....
Till then...
Happy Visu, Baisakhi and whatever else

April 13 - Booted out

Booted out, originally uploaded by amulya.

My boots. When my brain was almost failing and falling into bed I realised i'd been dead the whole day and not taken any picture. And there were my boots, scuffed and falling apart and I refuse to retire them cuz I can't find anything more perfect.

April 12 - 13th Floor

On the floor, originally uploaded by amulya.

I'd another nice picture picked out, but the people in it did not want it to go online, so... here is another boring one... 13 floors down. yay. Goodnight

April 11 - Concert @ Bangalore

Concert @ Bangalore, originally uploaded by amulya.

Mark down this day. Live concert, a new concept of performance with dining. Kyra, the new restaurant/theatre in Bangalore came up with a new concept where they've a little stage for band and such stuff and tables all around. Yeah the seating arrangement could be a little better, for i'm not complaining.
It was the opening night, with Allegra Fudge (not sure if I got the name right. If it isn't, please do let me know and I'll fix it) and Bamboo Shoots, a band from the U.S. Wish we could stand and sway, but apparently that is against the law in this city too... and you see the Deputy Commissioner of Police sitting right up there.
Anyway this is a huge step for this city, which used to be swinging less than two years ago... here is to more concerts and hopefully, dancing too.

April 10 - Highway Art

Highway Art, originally uploaded by amulya.

This very interesting piece of art is on the highway to the airport, at every traffic signal. there were some with lions too, but this was the main one. Found it verrrry fascinating cuz we aren't much on putting up installations unless it is for an art show. This is perhaps the first "aesthetic" art piece i've noticed as an effort by the government. So I should say 'kudos'.
I spesh like the "BBMP" and the turtle combo, on a highway with a speed limit of 80-100. Lol
(I wondered if i should put this photo up cuz I didn't hold the camera and take the picture. My friend took it becuz he was on that side of the road. So it is shared credit?)

April 9 - Work

Work, originally uploaded by amulya.

Tribute to work before the long weekend, much awaited long weekend. I did debate between a B&W for this or a color shot...
Anyway, Happy Easter

April 8 - Open Spaces 3

Open Spaces 3, originally uploaded by amulya.

I've a thing for blue skies, trees and the little canopy. I wish i could zoom in but there is a wonderful picture of that guy on the ladder there...

April 7 - Toys

Toys, originally uploaded by amulya.

My 3 year old nephew. We also got a new washing machine, so there was this big box with all the packing still with it and my nephew promptly turned it into a toy. As photo shy he was initially, also without the patience to pose, like my niece and other nephew, he had brilliant ideas of what photos he wanted to take.
The kids these days are incredibly photo savvy, if you've noticed. They not only know what makes a good photo, but even at the age of 3-4 they know about lighting, angles and shit like that. Plus, they know they can see if the photo is good or not, living in this digital age. Have any of these kids seen those old cameras with film rolls? Where you get 24/36/52 chances ONLY to get the photo right? And you couldn't even see if you've chopped someone's head off or someone has their mouth open? Wonder what I could do with a camera like that

April 6 - Sands of Time

Sands of Time, originally uploaded by amulya.

A little Sand Timer on a friend's desk at work. I'm tempted to tilt it every time I see it and even more tempted to buy myself one, if i knew where to get one. Been meaning to take a few pix of it for a long while... there are more things i could do with it, as time shall perhaps tell.

April 5 - motifs

motifs, originally uploaded by amulya.

Bought a new bag... reminds me of the paintings on the huts i used to see on the coastal areas I visited as a kid. I absolutely love it though... and yes the bag's red :-)

April 4 - Dinner Table Conversation

Dinner Table Conversation, originally uploaded by amulya.

Okay the quality of the photo is bad, i agree. But the composition is just so perfect. This is a rare natural composition. The girl asleep at the table, the guy looking curiously (though he was looking at me) and the bustle of the restaurant around them. Her mother was next to her but i cropped her out.
This was a quick hidden shot but damn wish i'd a better camera with me right then.

(Sorry Rahul, the other shot got voted out when I realised I'd captured the girl. I'll mail u the snap though)

Apr 3 - Red Shoes

Red Shoes..., originally uploaded by amulya.

Did mention I bought red shoes? I think i did mention it on my regular blog... as a part of my birthday shopping. And today I realised moa friend also had red shoes. and she too wore them today. I like people who dare wear red shoes. it is so much fun(k).

Once again, thanks for the photo babe. Despite the commentators :-)

Apri 2 - Hot Wheels

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yeah i know the hot wheels thing was cars (did they hv bikes too). Anyway saw this lil modified thing standing near my house.
Really miss the ducati etc i used to see constantly in Oz... but anyway, looked sorta nice

April 1 - Too many cooks...

Too many cooks..., originally uploaded by amulya.

Make the work easier. I know there were only two people, but i'm trying to figure which hands belong to whom. mine were on the camera so... hmm...