Mar 23 - gori hai kalayian, tu laa de mujhe hari hari chudiyaan

Chudi Bazaar - the famous bangle shop in Hyderbad, near the Char Minar. A street full of bangles and bracelets and earrings. it is simple glass bangles. well not simple but... they are so bright and colourful and pretty, that even on a rainy day, they catch your eye. i don't really wear bangles. Infact, pretty purses are the only thing that i wanted on that street... but man, are they a pleasure to look. I'd never be able to capture the glittering ones in the shops... but so many shiny ones, with stones, with crystals, shimmer and what not...
the last set of bangles i owned was when i just passed out of school. I had to buy quite a few for my dance performances and they'd be pushed into the deepest corners of my shelves once they were used. I did try wearing them when i felt girly occasionally but after ten minutes, i'd get annoyed with them on my wrist, hindering my way through... though I absolutely love the sound they make... the clinking of glass bangles... :-)
(PS: the headline - it is an old hindi song which means my hands are bare. Buy me green bangles.
Not gonna interpret here)

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