Mar 31 - Chocolate phantoms

Chocolate phantoms, originally uploaded by amulya.

again... no mood to write. u see the phantom. u see the chocolates. go eat.

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Mar 30 - Wear your seat belt

Wear your seat belt, originally uploaded by amulya.

self explanatory. no mood to write.

Mar 29 - Purple - color of the day

Purple - color of the day, originally uploaded by amulya.

I looove purple... A long, long time ago, in a far far land a girl lived who used to love purple. So much that she'd even wear purple slippers. And then she liked other colours too. And then one day, in a little shop, she found a purple dress she fell in love with again, rediscovering her passion for the color.
Other facts - Purple is supposed to be a royal color. I do not like all shades of purple.
Italy has a purple thing going... Purple coats, bags, shoes and more... hence, i even ended up with a purple coat, which looks quite cool.
Anyway, flowers and gifts from friends for my birthday :-)
Unintentionally, a purple theme was created.

Mar 28 - narcissm

narcissm, originally uploaded by amulya.

That should probably be my middle name. Along with laziness. Anyway, I had promised i'd take a pretty shot of the nails and all that... i meant to do something more stylised but i want to write so this will have to suffice for tonight.

Mar 27 - Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yeah I did have a cake, and flowers and friends but somehow I didn't click pix of any of them. Today's been surreal for some reason....
Anyway, happy birthday to me.

Mar 26 - Nail Art

Nail Art, originally uploaded by amulya.

Went to get my nails done today... found all these pretty pretty designs there. Plenty more but this was the one right in front of me. And they don't use extensions... it is real nail art, painted on your nails. Quite cool. And yes i'll put up what I got too (maybe)

Mar 25 - Swirls & Blues

Swirls & Blues, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yet another painting of mine, and one of my favorites again. I am feeling a little lazy today so went with this... wanted to take a pic of this for a long while. Makes me feel nice and happy when i see this...

Mar 24 - Trains-spotting

going somewhere?, originally uploaded by amulya.

So this trip was my first train journey in about 6 years, and the second in about 12 years... and i was absolutely fascinated. I forgot to buy batteries for my camera, so had to make do with my phone (though i must say my phone camera rocks! touch wood).
This was when we were returning to bangalore. True to form, the train was late, so we reached in daylight instead of darkness... which met some pretty pictures in early morning light.

Mar 23 - gori hai kalayian, tu laa de mujhe hari hari chudiyaan

Chudi Bazaar - the famous bangle shop in Hyderbad, near the Char Minar. A street full of bangles and bracelets and earrings. it is simple glass bangles. well not simple but... they are so bright and colourful and pretty, that even on a rainy day, they catch your eye. i don't really wear bangles. Infact, pretty purses are the only thing that i wanted on that street... but man, are they a pleasure to look. I'd never be able to capture the glittering ones in the shops... but so many shiny ones, with stones, with crystals, shimmer and what not...
the last set of bangles i owned was when i just passed out of school. I had to buy quite a few for my dance performances and they'd be pushed into the deepest corners of my shelves once they were used. I did try wearing them when i felt girly occasionally but after ten minutes, i'd get annoyed with them on my wrist, hindering my way through... though I absolutely love the sound they make... the clinking of glass bangles... :-)
(PS: the headline - it is an old hindi song which means my hands are bare. Buy me green bangles.
Not gonna interpret here)

Mar 22 - Char Minar

Char Minar, originally uploaded by amulya.

Spent half the weekend in Hyderabad, attending a friend's wedding. this was my second trip to the place. Somehow the city and me don't gel. I've roamed around so much that i've become familiar with some parts of town at least... spesh to get to the Charminar... i do like the look of it if nothing else, forming the centre of a very chaotic and diverse market space that revels in being chaotic. it would perhaps lose its appeal if it were cleaned up. Anyway, got the travel story on my travel blog - - or click (here) for the post

Mar 21 - Happy Birthday Ma

Happy Birthday Ma, originally uploaded by amulya.

Mom's cake... it was so stressed today, what with me leaving for Hyderabad, and doing the night shift before that and needing to pack everything about an hour before i left. Competent packer though I am, this 'marriage packing' is tough. Anyway, so as i couldn't go out, mom bought some pastries home...

Mar 20 - Lil Hearts

, originally uploaded by amulya.

This is actually a part of a wind chime. This particular shop always has interesting wind chimes... which i used to pick up regularly but had no clue where to hang it up... so now i just take photos... damn should've taken the whole one but whatever...

off for a mini-vacation, so don't expect regular uploads till Tuesday or later...
Ciao till then

Mar 19 - Bengaluru's Hard Rock

Bengaluru's Hard Rock, originally uploaded by amulya.

Been meaning to get a clearer shot of this for a while... Bangalore is known as Pub City, despite crappy timings and rules and all that. Hard Rock is like the crown I guess.
Hope the fucked up new govt won't shut down all the pubs. wouldn't put it past them.

Mar 18 - Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails, originally uploaded by amulya.

i'd a shot of my bloody eyes but then saw this pretty nail art by a friend... and it matched so well with her footwear :-)

Mar 17 - clutter in my bag

clutter in my bag, originally uploaded by amulya.

Sorry for the delay. the past coupla days have been frantic...
anyway... came home late late at night and when i came back into my room, i see my bag there and i'm thinking this is all i need to survive... my wallet, a lil notepad, ipod, me lenses and a book (i've been carrying this particular book for the past two months and i still haven't been able to finish it. ugh)

Mar 16 - The Pianist

, originally uploaded by amulya.

this is at one of my favorite hangouts in the city. Unlike other cafes, they don't have blasting music and a repetition of boring old pop, blasting so loud that you can't hear yourself speak. Instead they've a live pianist... I really can't recognize the classics and all that... except for beethoven (was i shocked to find out that half the music the cars, the bell chimes and even cell phones have were beethoven!!!)

But I love sitting there, with a cold coffee, a book and listening to soft, strong music.

March 15 - Love-ful coffee

Love-ful coffee, originally uploaded by amulya.

remember that email fwd that did the rounds a few years ago with different shapes done on coffee and all that? I knew it could be done cuz my boss at the restaurant i used work at showed me some stuff, in a demo that how cool i cud serve cofi (blah) but it still feels nice to get pretty stuff like this eh?
don't ask me about the taste. it was my friends and i hate coffee.

Mar 14 - Red Skies

Goodnight, originally uploaded by amulya.

The sky never really goes dark in the city. there is a reddish hue no matter what time of the night it is. I wish i'd a better camera to capture the sharp edge of the leaves against the reddish sky... but my camera phone sufficed this time too.

And somehow, this reminds me of Mars.

Mar 13 - Cafe, Monsieur?

Cafe, Monsieur?, originally uploaded by amulya.

Friday the 13th. Someone told me today that this year has 3 Friday the 13th... so this year is supposed be a damp. A new reason why the Wall St slumped lol. And also, those who are into Wicca - 3 is supposed to be a powerful number. But also a good number. Numerology anyone?

And nothing of what I said has anything to do with this photo anyway. went to pick up some stuff from Barista late last night... it is rare that the Barista is empty on that late a friday night but somehow... well, this was what caught my eye :-) Happy Weekend

Mar 12 - first rains

first rains, originally uploaded by amulya.

I thought you could see some rain drops... first rain for the year today. Feels like heaven :-) there was a beautiful play of light and for the first time, i was a little disappointed i didn't have a great big camera... this was taken on my trusty N79. still gets some bit of the moment... except for that awful glare from the street light. didn't have time to figure out a way to cut that out before the traffic moved.
anyway - rain. yay :-)

Mar 11 - blue skies

blue skies, originally uploaded by amulya.

On MG Road again... the sky caught me for some reason. maybe just the fact that it is hard to see such a vast expanse of horizon in the city anywhere. actually, i'd wish i cudn't see it here of all places. there used to be a marvelous row of old trees lining that road. anyway... price of progress

Mar 10 - stuff

, originally uploaded by amulya.

mock cake? ah taken in near bleary-ness.

Mar 9 - More Birthday Treats

More Birthday Treats, originally uploaded by amulya.

Why not...
It tasted as good as it looks. boss' bday cake... we just need an excuse for cake. March is fillllled with birthdays... nephew, friends, family and then, ofcourse, Me :-)
I've almost come to terms with turning 24. Guess it is the weather...glorious glorious glorious. Brings tears to my eyes. Pleasant, cool, slightly cloudy and makes me wanna dance! Yay!

March 8 - the other painting

Painting 2, originally uploaded by amulya.

I should really sign my paintings so i know when they were done at least. this was done a long while ago... but i somehow never got around to putting up the picture. there are 2 more waiting...
this, though, would be my first abstract painting.
Happy Women's Day.

Mar 7 - Protest for 'Fearless Karnataka'

Protests, originally uploaded by amulya.

Went to the protest march/rally or whatever you call it today, against all the crime against women that's been happening. A little tragic that this is what it takes to wake us up. But was happy to see a fair number of people, quite a few familiar faces and the media as well. Click on the pic for some more pix from the rally...

Mar 6 - Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers, originally uploaded by amulya.

My mom says it is most beautiful time of the year, with all the leaves being reborn and so many shades. For me, it is all the plants being covered with flowers. Was it always like this? Why didn't I notice the yellow flowers, the white and the red?
This is a plant outside my friend's place... which i've passed a million times and never have seen so beautiful

Mar 5 - Dinner...

Dinner, originally uploaded by amulya.

... Or whatever the second meal of the day but late at night is called. Well, there are also various snacks in between and normally, I'm a little more cultured than a piece of kfc chicken on a tissue and biscuits... but lol...
And yes, I eat a lot more. And this isn't the reason for my skinniness.

Mar 4 - Roads

Empty Roads, originally uploaded by amulya.

Was confused if this would be the pic of the day or the tree thing... But then decided this was it. I mean how often is it that you get to see such empty roads in Bangalore? I guess this was taken at around 2 AM or something... I see it everyday and it still surprises me that a city could go so quiet. And I love it. One of the best things about my job.

Mar 3 - Cake!!!!!

Cake!!!!!, originally uploaded by amulya.

I love kids birthday party. Everyone looks at the cake, everyone crowds around the cake and everyone dances without really caring how they dance. And yeah junk food. Plus utter silliness. At least the ones at my place are like that. They are at home, they've a whole bunch of kids and are fun :-)

Mar 2 - Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony, originally uploaded by amulya.

So they used to have this wooden tray and a square box for the tea bags and sugar. And now it has been replaced by this charming box which seems to be designed for keeping tea. Yup this is at work. Cost cutting for sure, but with style eh?

I'd probably scorn it other times, but in the tough days, it makes an interesting and cute change. Reminds me of my grandmom's era for some reason.

Mar 1 - Fire

Fire for March, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yup a lil campfire in March. March is the month of fire anyway... And as I like fire (not arson sorts but ask anyone who's been campin with me and they'll tell you how i'd just sit watching the fire) this is a good start for my birthday month.
Happy Summer!