Feb 8 - card

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I received this today in the mail. It is so rare that I receive anything more than just bills in the mail. When I was a kid I had a couple of penpals. You know the sort you write letters to and post it in the mail box. The postoffice was on the way to my school, so it was sorta simple to post the letters. Most of them faded away and I ended the one that continued when the guy got a little too impressed with hindi movies and said he was falling in love with me.

A few years later, I used to mail a few friends of mine and had a couple of e-pals (not the people I met on chat sites). I loved getting letters... collecting stamps and the freedom to pull it out wherever I wanted to read it... the handwriting, the words that were scratched out, news that was days old but still came to life as I read them. Of course, by then most people knew that I was terrible at mailing letters. I would write them definitely. Long letters. But I would forget to post them, so I used to end up posting several letters together. And sometimes the news would be so old that I'd have already called the friend (era of cellphones my dear) and told them all of it. So i'd have to tear it up.

The last set of letters I got was when I was in Australia. A few close friends, knowing how much I loved them, wrote to me every couple of months. Casual stuff... what they were doing that day and all that. I love receiving letters, especially long ones. Every letter was a surprise and if it was expected, I'd bug bug bug my roomies asking if i got any mail. And the birthday cards. I know every year there are two cards i can always expect by mail :-)

So this one was an absolute surprise. A no-occasion card+letter. In an age when nobody even emails... people scrap you and write on your wall. Thank you so much for the letter.

Dedicated to the one who sent it :-)

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