Feb 4 - My Lil Table

My lil table, originally uploaded by amulya.

So as I was uploading yesterday's picture, i glance up and i see my table where I just placed my mug. It just seemed so... nice and captivating. And it didn't quite come out the way i wanted it to on my phone cam so i blurred it and turned it to b&w :-)
(What's the point of digital photography if I can't change this much too? I'm working on the principle that i won't do anything that I can't do if i were printing this photo. You know with all those chemicals...)
Anyway, set the focus on that little mug... doesn't quite feel like that (yet). It was a mug a friend gifted me in Australia... my birthday or going away present about a year ago I think. A little souvenir I picked on my way home, obviously from Malaysia, a candle which doesn't burn proportionately and couple of personals. The table also never stays clean... earrings, dirty plates, packets of biscuits all get dumped on it. I've sort of given up trying to maintain a 100% always clean place... Won't appreciate a clean place if it doesn't get a little messy first. But could i do without the dust. the dust the dust the dust. Sigh.
Alright i'm going to bed. G'nite

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