Feb 23 - The Signs of Summer

The Signs of Summer, originally uploaded by amulya.

I have to accept it. Summer is almost here. I love summer. But the heat! The heat this time is awful. I pushed it all through feb, refusing to switch to summer sleep wear, not switching on the fan... But this tree, in full bloom says summer is here. But see that barren tree beside? That is still stuck in winter like me... 

We don't have a specific spring here... there used to be... a long time ago, before the global warming days. That short month of Feb when it was pleasant... there were tensions about the upcoming exams but you still kicked all that off to go play in the cool evenings and take pleasant walks at night, minus the jacket or the light sweater. Now it is cold and heat. No in-betweens. Well, here is to a summer of mangoes and watermelons and everything cold and hot :-)

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