Feb 2 - Solo in a crowd

Feb 2, originally uploaded by amulya.

Dunno why I took this. It was just there you know. It is still just the beginning of feb and the heat is almost like summer. I dread april and may and june. There would be a time when i used to like Feb... it was just the ending of winter so the chill was gone, the evenings were pleasant. And the days in winter were just cool, never burning hot like this. look at the sharpness of the shadows in the picture. The bright sunlight. And this was at 3 PM.
You can feel the heat, the prickly feeling on your forehead as the sun beats down and your winter light sweater feel too warm and prickly that you want to shrug it off. the heat dries you make you want water and just find a cool spot. And it is still winter. It is least a comfort that the nights are still cold, even if without a bite.
I wish for a vacation... a couple of weeks without the words job cuts and recession and such depressing terms and finance where there are no worries about stupid governments and rights... no clock and coolness. and yeah minimal people.

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