Feb 18 - Old Money

This is what we call "old money", originally uploaded by amulya.

This is what we call "old money". I thought I am done with indoor stuff for this month but then I saw this on my brother's table. It has been so long since I saw a rupee note. Much less a whole wad like this. Remember the times when we could actually buy interesting things for a rupee or lesser? Not much but maybe a chocolate... or a 'lolly' as we used to call it - frozen, colored ice packed in a thin tube of plastic. We used to buy it after school everyday. the medium sized ones were 50p and the bigger ones were a buck. It probably was disgusting but after school, when summer was approaching, the bakery would be crowded with kids on their way home - all wanting a 'lolly'.

Good times they were.

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Anu said...

I can see an old one rupee coin on an older one rupee note. Nostalgia :-) sigh!