Feb 1 - City evening

Lazy Sunday evenings, originally uploaded by amulya.

Lazy Sunday evenings

Ok I'm going with the dates for the title now... Or maybe both. Dunno. Suggestion please.

Took this one outside Forum, which is a mall in Bangalore. The traffic is quite less... even around 5.30 actually. Effect of recession dunno. I know i was floating, just came out after watching Slumdog Millionaire. 'The Underbelly' as many called it could be visible in this little snap... wish I could've captured the cobbler who is seated right at the end of all those autorickshaws. the auto union will probably make my life hell if i call them too the underbelly, but aren't they close their somewhere? But this is India, and despite assholes like the BJP and the senas they have, we love it.

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