Feb 28 - The Old and broken

The Old and broken, originally uploaded by amulya.

Ending the month by visiting a part of town I've always been to but never seen that one little road!!! God a treasure there is... Click on this and you'll see a bunch of other pix as well... you'll recognize wher all of them were taken, no worries.

And as for the favorites of the month:

1. Moa Precious

2. Abstract

3. The Signs of Summer

4. Music on the Wall

5. Old Money

6. Freedom

7. Sunset

8. Pipes

9. Happy Birthday

10. Trees

Feb 27 - Moa Precious

Moa Precious, originally uploaded by amulya.

That's my dog. Well technically my bro's I guess, cuz we got it for him. But he's the pampered brat of the family... Been meaning to take a few shots of his for a while now. He's just so... regal. And funny. And incredibly stubborn. And that is his favorite place... sit inside and watch the world go by outside. Touch wood.
Sometimes I wish life were as simple as his. 

Feb 26 - Exilir of work

Exilir of work, originally uploaded by amulya.

There is coffee, for winter. And there is coke, for summer.
And then there is the drink you need just to make you feel better. But we don't indulge in those. Here is to summer... and the one who is downing it :-)
Dedicated, obviously, to you babe. Thanks for the photo

Feb 25 - traffic

traffic, originally uploaded by amulya.

Just some random nonsense. Today was mundane. There was nothing that made me go 'hey'. well, actually that guy's hairstyle there did but couldn't get a proper shot.
Feeling blah. Sigh.

Feb 24 - Abstract

Abstract, originally uploaded by amulya.

Uh huh... I am not self-obsessed. But yes it is my favorite scarf. And it just looked really sorta... catching :-)

Feb 23 - The Signs of Summer

The Signs of Summer, originally uploaded by amulya.

I have to accept it. Summer is almost here. I love summer. But the heat! The heat this time is awful. I pushed it all through feb, refusing to switch to summer sleep wear, not switching on the fan... But this tree, in full bloom says summer is here. But see that barren tree beside? That is still stuck in winter like me... 

We don't have a specific spring here... there used to be... a long time ago, before the global warming days. That short month of Feb when it was pleasant... there were tensions about the upcoming exams but you still kicked all that off to go play in the cool evenings and take pleasant walks at night, minus the jacket or the light sweater. Now it is cold and heat. No in-betweens. Well, here is to a summer of mangoes and watermelons and everything cold and hot :-)

Feb 22 - Shoe Sizes

Shoe Sizes, originally uploaded by amulya.

the cold has made me a lil crazy I think... but my friend was tying the shoe laces and well... i like the shoe :-)
(apologies, I did tell you though it would be up on my blog :P)

Feb 21 - flower

flower, originally uploaded by amulya.

The flower does have a name and i can't remember what is it. My uncle would probably kick my ass for that... he loves his plants. and this is one of his. Dunno where that beam of light came from though, cuz i sneaked into the garden to take this picture while nobody was watching. and it was pitch dark.

Feb 20 - colored threads

colored threads, originally uploaded by amulya.

Been sick. So at home. Too exhausted to even bother clicking snaps. This is a little bag I picked in Goa during my vacation. Brightness seems good right now, when i'm feeling so blah. So. To me. And to my dad, whose birthday it is today.

Feb 19 - Music on the wall

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Yet another abstract... seems like my brother's room is a treasure for photography. What my mom calls a mess, i see little things that are so him. Like how he always hangs his guitar at the window. Leaves wads of notes on the table, dumps his clothes on a chair and the old ones on the floor. I guess he'll be locking his room after he sees this. In my defence though, I never went into the room. I stood in the doorway and took the shot. And the door was open. I was merely passing it.

Feb 18 - Old Money

This is what we call "old money", originally uploaded by amulya.

This is what we call "old money". I thought I am done with indoor stuff for this month but then I saw this on my brother's table. It has been so long since I saw a rupee note. Much less a whole wad like this. Remember the times when we could actually buy interesting things for a rupee or lesser? Not much but maybe a chocolate... or a 'lolly' as we used to call it - frozen, colored ice packed in a thin tube of plastic. We used to buy it after school everyday. the medium sized ones were 50p and the bigger ones were a buck. It probably was disgusting but after school, when summer was approaching, the bakery would be crowded with kids on their way home - all wanting a 'lolly'.

Good times they were.

Feb 17 - bloody juice

feb 17, originally uploaded by amulya.

It is supposed to be fresh fruit juice. Grape. Love the contrast :)

Feb 16 - Freedom

freedom, originally uploaded by amulya.

A painting at the cafe in Goa where I had my breakfast every morning. It is the personification of Goa and Anjuna which stands for freedom, trance music and just... peace?

Feb 15 - Sunset

Anjuna... My favorite. Love the reflection

feb 15, originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 14 - Sunrise

Took this one somewhere on the border of Karnataka and Goa... when the bus stopped for breakfast... it is so rare that I catch a sunrise, thought this would be perfect for the photo of the day.

feb 14, originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 13 - AC Cover

So in the bus to Goa... which was 'luxury' bus, there was absolutely no way of regulating the fricking AC. And it was set at the lowest temp, full on blasting in your faces that a jacket and two shawls didn't help. So me and the girl next to me strung this up - AC Covers for the new generation. I am so tired of AC... just cuz you have it doesn't mean you turn the place into Arctic!

feb 13 (2), originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 12 - She

Moa painting. Did it ages ago, with some vague plans of an exhibition in mind. But considering i've got only 3 paintings and deadline of a month, don't think the exhibition is going to work out... but anyway, I love this one

She, originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 11 - cofi and work

Blogger screwing up again. Anyway, sorry for the delay in posting all the photos. Was on vacation (finally!!).
Coffee... late nights... massive screens... work. away from it all :-)

cofi and work, originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 10 - Pipes

Pipes, originally uploaded by amulya.
I actually wanted to make this with the focus only on the pipes and that little doorway at the end. But there were guards watching, who are suspicious of anyone.. even pretty lil things like me. So quick click and dash :-)

Feb 9 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by amulya.

My bro's birthday cake... which i'm eating now at 1 AM even as I upload these photographs.
Dedicated to my bro (obviously! duh!)

Feb 8 - card

cards, originally uploaded by amulya.

I received this today in the mail. It is so rare that I receive anything more than just bills in the mail. When I was a kid I had a couple of penpals. You know the sort you write letters to and post it in the mail box. The postoffice was on the way to my school, so it was sorta simple to post the letters. Most of them faded away and I ended the one that continued when the guy got a little too impressed with hindi movies and said he was falling in love with me.

A few years later, I used to mail a few friends of mine and had a couple of e-pals (not the people I met on chat sites). I loved getting letters... collecting stamps and the freedom to pull it out wherever I wanted to read it... the handwriting, the words that were scratched out, news that was days old but still came to life as I read them. Of course, by then most people knew that I was terrible at mailing letters. I would write them definitely. Long letters. But I would forget to post them, so I used to end up posting several letters together. And sometimes the news would be so old that I'd have already called the friend (era of cellphones my dear) and told them all of it. So i'd have to tear it up.

The last set of letters I got was when I was in Australia. A few close friends, knowing how much I loved them, wrote to me every couple of months. Casual stuff... what they were doing that day and all that. I love receiving letters, especially long ones. Every letter was a surprise and if it was expected, I'd bug bug bug my roomies asking if i got any mail. And the birthday cards. I know every year there are two cards i can always expect by mail :-)

So this one was an absolute surprise. A no-occasion card+letter. In an age when nobody even emails... people scrap you and write on your wall. Thank you so much for the letter.

Dedicated to the one who sent it :-)

Feb 7 -Rangashankara

Blogger isn't allowing me write anything here. Click (here) to see about this post.

Rangashankara, originally uploaded by amulya.

Feb 6 - Does the AC exist?

Does the AC exist?, originally uploaded by amulya.

So we keep complaining that the AC at work isn't working, even if it is on. It makes a lot of noise. But not a breath of air comes. Stuffy. So today the maintenance guy came by and opened it for a regular check up and this is what we see. Lolz.
So, according to my team, there isn't an AC. One person says they put a cat up there that keep making those sounds which makes us think it is on. Me thinks they hypnotised us to think we feel cool when we hear the sound and now the hypnotism is wearing off. Yes, we were quite tired and jobless.
Happy Summer!

Feb 5 - sale/cut/sale/cut

Sale Sale Sale - cut cut cut, originally uploaded by amulya.

Oh yeah I know levi's has this sale every year. every store has their end-of-season sale which normally i loved. But this year, this huge poster someone caught my eye (good job, advertisers) outside this mall. Sales have gone down in all the stores and all that. you know the picture.
somehow this massive "50 percent off" sign reminds me of all the job cuts and the other cuts in the past few months.

Feb 4 - My Lil Table

My lil table, originally uploaded by amulya.

So as I was uploading yesterday's picture, i glance up and i see my table where I just placed my mug. It just seemed so... nice and captivating. And it didn't quite come out the way i wanted it to on my phone cam so i blurred it and turned it to b&w :-)
(What's the point of digital photography if I can't change this much too? I'm working on the principle that i won't do anything that I can't do if i were printing this photo. You know with all those chemicals...)
Anyway, set the focus on that little mug... doesn't quite feel like that (yet). It was a mug a friend gifted me in Australia... my birthday or going away present about a year ago I think. A little souvenir I picked on my way home, obviously from Malaysia, a candle which doesn't burn proportionately and couple of personals. The table also never stays clean... earrings, dirty plates, packets of biscuits all get dumped on it. I've sort of given up trying to maintain a 100% always clean place... Won't appreciate a clean place if it doesn't get a little messy first. But could i do without the dust. the dust the dust the dust. Sigh.
Alright i'm going to bed. G'nite

Feb 3 - Trees

Feb 3, originally uploaded by amulya.

I seem to be on a nature spree... But somehow the trees look so beautiful in that strong light. This one was actually cropped off a bigger photo I took. It is quite old. Been seeing it for years without really noticing it. Look at the way those... branches or whatever are trimmed.

Sadly, they've been cutting down such old trees the past few months. Expansion of roads. Ironically, the roads they are trying to expand are quite big, are some of the best planned roads in the city and hardly have any traffic jams. Idiots run this city.

Feb 2 - Solo in a crowd

Feb 2, originally uploaded by amulya.

Dunno why I took this. It was just there you know. It is still just the beginning of feb and the heat is almost like summer. I dread april and may and june. There would be a time when i used to like Feb... it was just the ending of winter so the chill was gone, the evenings were pleasant. And the days in winter were just cool, never burning hot like this. look at the sharpness of the shadows in the picture. The bright sunlight. And this was at 3 PM.
You can feel the heat, the prickly feeling on your forehead as the sun beats down and your winter light sweater feel too warm and prickly that you want to shrug it off. the heat dries you make you want water and just find a cool spot. And it is still winter. It is least a comfort that the nights are still cold, even if without a bite.
I wish for a vacation... a couple of weeks without the words job cuts and recession and such depressing terms and finance where there are no worries about stupid governments and rights... no clock and coolness. and yeah minimal people.

Feb 1 - City evening

Lazy Sunday evenings, originally uploaded by amulya.

Lazy Sunday evenings

Ok I'm going with the dates for the title now... Or maybe both. Dunno. Suggestion please.

Took this one outside Forum, which is a mall in Bangalore. The traffic is quite less... even around 5.30 actually. Effect of recession dunno. I know i was floating, just came out after watching Slumdog Millionaire. 'The Underbelly' as many called it could be visible in this little snap... wish I could've captured the cobbler who is seated right at the end of all those autorickshaws. the auto union will probably make my life hell if i call them too the underbelly, but aren't they close their somewhere? But this is India, and despite assholes like the BJP and the senas they have, we love it.