Wires of civilization

Wires of civilization, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 28

The electric pole near my house. Standing on top on my roof I could see all these nice little tangled wire which can send us into our deepest agony if they don't function. Long ago, a friend had said "the more things we develop in civilization, the more anguished we become. Imagine, if no power, no power cuts, no misery". I could continue - no computers if no electricity, no hassles about internet and connectivity. Sigh no much peace. Wasn't the world simpler when it was a bigger place?


Nishad said...

Last thing you would be thinking after seeing this refraction would be how come I am writing a comment on your blog entry 16 days after its originally posted. I ‘ll explain it first thing, my server is down at office and I can’t access single work related application, so here I am reading your blog. I remember reading L'Île mystérieuse when I was young, where a bunch of blokes just end up landing in to some random island without having no nothing, but eventually they created/invented machines they needed to live routine life. I guess that probably explains the subtle human psychology to be inclined to engage in development. But whats even more subtle is, we know from history, ‘development’ leads to ‘anguish’, and its there in back of our mind, its there in our subconscious mind, but we engage in it because probably we like to be at the disposal of anguish. I am sorry to pull theories and opinions out of air without any scientific ground for that. Actually I was here to make a very short comment, but got carried away. I am not very good at articulating and quality writing like you do, so I was just gonna write this movie dialogue, which I thought was so relevant to what you wrote.

Barbossa: The world used to be a bigger place.
Jack Sparrow: World's still the same. There's just less in it.

(I guess you ‘dn’t mind if I don’t reference/cite Walt Disney appropriate format)

Sorry if you are bored of incongruous rambling, its just that I am still learning how to use minimum words with maximum effect.

Amulya Nagaraj said...

Hi Neo,
Totally agree with you. We need the wires no matter how much angst they cause. I'm a total tech freak, no matter how much they get me mad (that is every other day they don't function - like at your work lol)

N i do agree with Sparrow (one of my fav characters)... the world has less. That or the water we drink has some weird hallucinogenic.