Open Barren skies

Golden nugget in the sky, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 15

Does anyone remember M.G Road and its glorious avenue in Bangalore? Yes yes I love the way the sun shines in the centre of the clouds. But there was a point, not too long ago, when you couldn't have seen that sky from where I took the picture. That side had an entire row of old old trees, with little benches underneath them (a hot favorite for couples). We used to chill out there, sipping tea in little plastic cups sold by the tea-shop-on-a-cycle. and watch all the crazy things going on this side of the road. Now they've been chopped down to make way of the metro (which shows no signs of materializing either... maybe it will take as many years as a tree needs to grow into a full fledged one). Price of civilization.
So here is to open but barren skies.

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Gargs said...

This is so sad!
MG Road isnt the same without the boulevard :-(

As u rghtly said Civilization... ,but at what cost???