on my desk

on my desk, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 13

I am reaching.... today was particularly bad. I slept the whole day. Or pretty much the whole day. I was online the rest. I was grumpy for most part so I really didn't think about pictures. Well I did. But I was stuck in between two people when i was going to work... so no window shots today. All the people around me were new, so nobody would really understand if i asked them to roll down the window and let in the freezing air for two minutes while i clicked a snap of that VIP car with the emergency lights next to us at the traffic light.
so I sat at work, aimlessly clicking on screens and I suddenly realise that I had taken off my earrings and my watch. It was like I was sitting at home and working, without anything to get in the way... well i do take off my watch but not the earrings. And this set is one of my favorites. touch wood. and pray today goes better

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