Obsession, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 16

Nasty day today was. The photo I did take of this car whose glass was covered with labels and stickers didn't come out too well. And I forgot about it all till i got home. And then I smelt my favorite perfume which I got last week. Now you see the difference between the two bottles? The one on the right is my real favorite. I've used it about 3 years now I think. And yet yet yet somehow I never noticed it is 'sheer obsession' and not just 'obsession'. So i waved away everything else they put under my nose at the shop and got this, even when i thought it looked wrong. It smells pretty much the same... it is only when I pulled my shelf open to take a pic to show off my fav perfume i realised the bloody difference.
Oh well... as long as i'm smelling heavenly ;-)

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