Candles, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 30

Ok I'm going with the candles. I got this postcard that I took a picture off but I don't think i'll be posting that as the photo of the day. It would be cheating of sorts wouldn't it to post that? or maybe not. I don't know. Anyway, this was taken at a friend's party... I've a thing for candlelight... there is someone sitting behind there, but the flash didn't go off properly and hence the darkness. So I increased the shadows ... i like the little spots of light - the candle, reflected in the drink that is there and the blue spot in the back and the grill kind of thing in the top. yay i'm glad i went with this. and it is a good memory too... A friend's birthday and farewell party.
So that friend sees this one ever, dedicated to you German boy. Have a safe trip and it was great having you here :-)

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