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Jan 31

Ok Correction - YAY I COMPLETED A MONTH!!! damn no champagne right now. 

Thank you for all your support. I dedicate this blah blah blah blah. Haha... never mind. Its been so much fun. Looking for that one thing that will be the photo of the day. Not everything here is important and not everything that really caught my eye is here. For that i'll have to go around with a camera attached to my eye like Terminator or something. But wow, cool start. Got some favorites in the month. Should I list them? yes I shall... (in no particular order of favoritism)

*Wires of civilization


*Field Light

*Jan 21

*Open barren skies 

*Shelter from rain (funniest pic of the month)

*Martini please

*Sweet Princess

*Day for a ride

Whew that's it. See I can be humble :-) I love all my posts but these are the best shots. The significance of some others are more. see it is all the criteria and perception. Anyway, shutting up now after I tell you where today's picture was taken

this was taken at this new restaurant i discovered today. Its called '1947' and is about a two minute walk from my place. Wow. the only problem is they are vegetarian... Love the decor - they've like this old charaka (i know the english word is spinning wheel. i'm being desi here). and a combination of cane chairs and a unique table and ofcourse, yummy, reasonable food.
And as I didn't really post a patriotic thing for jan 26, some form of war and independence and all for the month.

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