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Jan 31

Ok Correction - YAY I COMPLETED A MONTH!!! damn no champagne right now. 

Thank you for all your support. I dedicate this blah blah blah blah. Haha... never mind. Its been so much fun. Looking for that one thing that will be the photo of the day. Not everything here is important and not everything that really caught my eye is here. For that i'll have to go around with a camera attached to my eye like Terminator or something. But wow, cool start. Got some favorites in the month. Should I list them? yes I shall... (in no particular order of favoritism)

*Wires of civilization


*Field Light

*Jan 21

*Open barren skies 

*Shelter from rain (funniest pic of the month)

*Martini please

*Sweet Princess

*Day for a ride

Whew that's it. See I can be humble :-) I love all my posts but these are the best shots. The significance of some others are more. see it is all the criteria and perception. Anyway, shutting up now after I tell you where today's picture was taken

this was taken at this new restaurant i discovered today. Its called '1947' and is about a two minute walk from my place. Wow. the only problem is they are vegetarian... Love the decor - they've like this old charaka (i know the english word is spinning wheel. i'm being desi here). and a combination of cane chairs and a unique table and ofcourse, yummy, reasonable food.
And as I didn't really post a patriotic thing for jan 26, some form of war and independence and all for the month.


Candles, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 30

Ok I'm going with the candles. I got this postcard that I took a picture off but I don't think i'll be posting that as the photo of the day. It would be cheating of sorts wouldn't it to post that? or maybe not. I don't know. Anyway, this was taken at a friend's party... I've a thing for candlelight... there is someone sitting behind there, but the flash didn't go off properly and hence the darkness. So I increased the shadows ... i like the little spots of light - the candle, reflected in the drink that is there and the blue spot in the back and the grill kind of thing in the top. yay i'm glad i went with this. and it is a good memory too... A friend's birthday and farewell party.
So that friend sees this one ever, dedicated to you German boy. Have a safe trip and it was great having you here :-)

Old Chinese Takeaway

Old Chinese Takeaway, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 29

Tried to get that old Hollywood style posters... the slightly yellowed look. And in the process the container seems to be suspended in space lolz. Our dinner for the day... Chinese takeaway is always the cheapest, the best and the yummiest. Actually, there are a few other options but none of them deliver so... Cheers to Chung's :-)

Oh yeah it isn't a natural look btw. Just heightened the shadows and the highlights, added the sepia effect and burned it a little. Voila! Old Chinese Takeaway!

Wires of civilization

Wires of civilization, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 28

The electric pole near my house. Standing on top on my roof I could see all these nice little tangled wire which can send us into our deepest agony if they don't function. Long ago, a friend had said "the more things we develop in civilization, the more anguished we become. Imagine, if no power, no power cuts, no misery". I could continue - no computers if no electricity, no hassles about internet and connectivity. Sigh no much peace. Wasn't the world simpler when it was a bigger place?

Serious business of cricket

Serious business of cricket, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 27

Wow I'm posting the same day. Kiddos tossing the coin (in this case, they do this little hand flip) to decide "who shall bat". Nobody wants to bowl ever. It is always the batsperson (i'm being politically right, no?) who is important. How is it that one day I get so many images and the next I get nothing? Hmph. I don't know who won the toss btw, they got a little shy when they saw me taking their picture. Wouldn't be long before they come knocking and I hope to be away from here by then... the kid in yellow - he is a total brat. Wouldn't put it past him to total my comp cuz we can't see his face.

empty spaces

empty spaces, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 26

Yes I know not a very brilliant photo. But there used to be a very cool coffee machine where this empty space is now. Which was removed as a part of the cost cutting thing that is going on at work. Not to worry, we still have the good coffee machine... but considering the 70000 jobs that were cut worldwide just yesterday morning across companies, the absence of the coffee machine seems insignificant yet somehow momentous


Sulking , originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 25

I actually wanted to put the color photo of this as well.. But light and darkness angle can never be more obvious in a the black n white one... "sulking behind blankets" is what i call this one...

Adrenaline pyramid

Adrenaline pyramid, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 24

If you can look closely, it says Adrenaline Rush or some such thing. Free Promo drinks they gave us at a bar in return for our name, email Id and phone no and we'd to allow our photo to be taken. I refused to give any details and the guy didn't even take my picture (yay no paparazzi). And naturally, with all the other great drinks we ordered, nobody even touched these drinks - except to build the pyramid ofcourse. I'm sure those people claimed them back them minute we left. Why on earth would anybody want an 'adrenaline' drink in a fricking bar?

My Shoes

My Shoes, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 23

My first pair of "Indian" shoes... I have no clue what to wear them with but I am really proud of them, and my bargaining skills which got me two pairs for 700 :-) (If i paid too much, don't tell me)

The Bull in the Bear Market

The Bull in the Bear Market, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 22

This one is more applicable to the ones who are familiar with the terms of the financial market (and now I can proudly say I am one of them lolz). I just suddenly noticed that there was this statue in my office, which right now is so ironical... and I remembered that there is a similar one on the Wall Street (as I see in the movies at least). I wonder what the Wall St guys think as they pass it everyday now......... as we like to say, cheap thrills.

Jan 21

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Dunno why or dunno what. my hand and the menu on the table. Maybe caused by sheer sleeplessness....

i need to get to bed!

Memories of Italia

Memories of Italia, originally uploaded by amulya.

Jan 20

Little postcards from italy I had got which I finally put up. I keep meaning to take prints of the photos and put them up, but till then... these are my favorites (and I couldn't get pictures of them anyway... not allowed you see). The Statue of David is brilliant of course but the woman's painting in the centre, is taken from Boticelli's painting called 'Spring'. She, infact, is Spring. I love it. Dunno why

Field Light

Jan 19, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 19

No clue what the title means for this... Took it at this old huge school playground... i think it'd have been better off in color... the play of light and all... but i was getting a little bored with color...

French Style Painting (apparently)

Taken on Jan 18

Late late late at night. Stayed in the whole day... I've no clue where the weekend vanished. Luckily i've one more day...
I've been meaning to put this up for quite some time. A friend gifted me this and I couldn't find a place to put it up. He says this is very French style of painting... I don't know if that is right (shud be...he's French after all). But somehow the painting caught me :-)

Here's to a long weekend

A corner in a little corner

A corner in a little corner, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 17

A little corner near my house. This woman got the prime spot at an intersection and much before a lot of other people. Somehow the evening scene caught me as I came out a building there...
The people, the vehicles, almost dusk and the woman with her pile of flowers... and yeah my bike's mirror caught in the way (was trying to take the picture without being aware. surprising how many ppl are unaware about what is happening around them. but when they do, they get damn aggressive as if to make up for their earlier unawareness)


Obsession, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 16

Nasty day today was. The photo I did take of this car whose glass was covered with labels and stickers didn't come out too well. And I forgot about it all till i got home. And then I smelt my favorite perfume which I got last week. Now you see the difference between the two bottles? The one on the right is my real favorite. I've used it about 3 years now I think. And yet yet yet somehow I never noticed it is 'sheer obsession' and not just 'obsession'. So i waved away everything else they put under my nose at the shop and got this, even when i thought it looked wrong. It smells pretty much the same... it is only when I pulled my shelf open to take a pic to show off my fav perfume i realised the bloody difference.
Oh well... as long as i'm smelling heavenly ;-)

Open Barren skies

Golden nugget in the sky, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 15

Does anyone remember M.G Road and its glorious avenue in Bangalore? Yes yes I love the way the sun shines in the centre of the clouds. But there was a point, not too long ago, when you couldn't have seen that sky from where I took the picture. That side had an entire row of old old trees, with little benches underneath them (a hot favorite for couples). We used to chill out there, sipping tea in little plastic cups sold by the tea-shop-on-a-cycle. and watch all the crazy things going on this side of the road. Now they've been chopped down to make way of the metro (which shows no signs of materializing either... maybe it will take as many years as a tree needs to grow into a full fledged one). Price of civilization.
So here is to open but barren skies.


Survivor, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 14, 2009

More office stuff. Told you I was groping... There are things I want to take pictures of but somehow, there is no opportunity. though i tell anyone who listens about this blog I have not yet come up with the guts to ask permission or tell my driver to stop so i can take a picture. Let me get to know those people a little more before being branded eccentric.

Anyway, I got this flower for my desk last week. Friday to be precise. And then we left it to languish over the weekend. Remarkably, it was still there Monday. Now on Wednesday, it still survives and it looks fairly good... even if it lost a petal or two. The Survivor. I wonder what anyone will say if i take in a small plant next. Naaaa....

on my desk

on my desk, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 13

I am reaching.... today was particularly bad. I slept the whole day. Or pretty much the whole day. I was online the rest. I was grumpy for most part so I really didn't think about pictures. Well I did. But I was stuck in between two people when i was going to work... so no window shots today. All the people around me were new, so nobody would really understand if i asked them to roll down the window and let in the freezing air for two minutes while i clicked a snap of that VIP car with the emergency lights next to us at the traffic light.
so I sat at work, aimlessly clicking on screens and I suddenly realise that I had taken off my earrings and my watch. It was like I was sitting at home and working, without anything to get in the way... well i do take off my watch but not the earrings. And this set is one of my favorites. touch wood. and pray today goes better

Shelter from rain?

Shelter from rain?, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 12

I was so zonked today. Had a blast with friends and was returning home to catch up on some sleep when I saw these guys didn't. Didn't really register what I was seeing till I realised they were pretty much at every traffic signal I got caught at. We Indians never let a little thing like lack of space stop us from buying what we want :-) It was so funny and so Indian...

Martini please

Martini please, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 11

I really can't think of much to say right now. Love the way the light caught my drink. great great martini. my first one. really strong and i didn't finish it.

sweet princess

sweet princess, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 10

A friend's kid. I've seen her 3 times yet... a month after she was born, later when we was able walk and talk and by all accounts, grown up and now when she's much taller. She remembers me yet, knows my name and what I do and everything else that I do. She loves her little pink hairclips, princess water bottle and pink dress.


chimes, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 9

Taking my time to upload pictures. It is hard to when i'm working...
I went to a store to pick up something and saw all these wind chimes hanging above for sale... they aren't really different and artistic but they are always there, no matter where you go. Giving them their 15 minutes of fame

Day for a ride

, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 8

On my way to work... caught these two guys taking a leisurely ride under cloud-covered skies.
Well, actually I wanted to capture that leaning tree and the clouds with the silver lining... but when i took the picture, saw these two guys cruising by as well...

Encouragement to work

um... icecream?, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 7

We are all crazy about icecream it seems. Normally most of us are chocolate addicts but someone dared to be different with this colorful swirling scoops of icecream, fruit, jelly and i know not what else.

I'll mark it down to try it the next time

Happy Birthday

encouragement to work, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on Jan 6

So yesterday someone came by and asked for two people who weren't there. apparently the someone wanted to give them the basket of chocolates because the two people's birthdays were coming up. We never refuse gifts. So we took it. The two birthday people didn't turn up yet and it is not in us to let things go waste either. We very much enjoyed it.
We also wish them happy birthday and a lovely year ahead. Hope you get more such gifts, which you can share with us ;-)

Indian Movie Posters

Which movie will run more, originally uploaded by amulya.

Everyone sees those flashy high end posters. These are the low-budget indian b-grade cinema posters that run in little theatres in the back alleys at the central hub of bangalore.

The reason it caught my eye was because it seems like the guys in the poster are looking at the one woman. I don't know what the other 3 posters mean but the one with the woman says 'pardha' (screen) and i bet it is a soft porn.


Shravanabelagola, originally uploaded by amulya.

The last time i visited this place, I was 5 years old. I stood beside those massive feet and i think I just about came up to a little beyond the height of that foot. And I remember there were rats crawling around there.
Now 18 years later, the statue though massive at 58 feet, seems a little smaller than what my memory had made it out to be. I guess I have outgrown the toes now...

Today was a trip down memory lane, literally. I visited three places - Shravanabelagola, Belur and Halebid. The latter two have temples from the period of Hoysalas. Beautiful carvings, impressive enough to match the colosseum in Rome. Or perhaps more. each stone in the temple is carved. Some tell stories and some are mere depictions of god, dancers and artists. I find it marvelous that there are such beautiful and erotic and vicious carvings on temples. But then yes, at one point our ancestors were a lot more liberal and open minded.

Brigade Road Festivites

Brigade Road Festivites, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken on 3 Jan @ Bgd Road

I know it is supposed to be one pic a day but this is another picture that just had to go up. It isn't a clear one... but every year, from about december 15 till mid jan this road is lit up with lights. In a city where there are so many concerns about electricity, it is rather nice to still see this tradition being continued. My favorite point for seeing this road was at the traffic junction, which has been dug up for 'betterment of the city'.

Well, cheers to what we call our times square. Happy New Year
(PS: If i don't get a picture one day, can i use two pictures today as an excuse??)

Cookie Mania

Comfort food, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken at 11.45 PM Barista on my phone

I didn't actually buy them. 12 AM trips to the coffee shop normally end up in more purchases than normal. But this pyramid caught my eye today... eternal definition of tinned comfort
(psst i actually thot my one pic a day thing would die today because well, i sit at work all day so this was a last attempt at salvaging it)

Signing a card

Signing a card, originally uploaded by amulya.

Taken On: 1 Jan 2009. 3:20 PM

It was the middle of the day and I really like his hippie look and that cap and the flowery shirt.
I would love do this 'a pic a day' thing but not sure how long i can last. so at least one memory I can have a month.